Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Homeland Merriment Thanksgiving

Welcome to my blog, Panoply. Today I am happy to be hosting a group of stylists who will offer you ideas for setting your table for Thanksgiving. The theme for my table I'm sharing is Homeland Merriment Thanksgiving.
After your visit here on my blog today, I've provided the links for each of all the other stylists participating today in this blog hop. You will certainly want to see the many ideas to inspire you!
While the theme title for my table comes from the pattern names of both the salad and dinner plates I've chosen for this table, wouldn't you agree it conjures up what we picture for an ideal Thanksgiving - a homeland merriment? 
My final table design stems from my love for my Lenox Temperware china in the Merriment pattern. It was my choice pattern back in 1977 in another life, but it has stayed with me after all these years. Although I have several serving pieces and more china to complete service for eight, it's just the dinner plates I selected for this table. 
Before I got to my final design, though, I played with my plate service before setting the table. I found the textiles at HomeGoods back in August, and had an idea of how I wanted the Edward Challinor (designer, 1792-1879) Homeland Fox salad plates and plaid chargers to look. I tried a Fiesta dinner plate first (L frame of collage above), but it didn't quite hit the mark.

The right color scheme struck a chord for me when I placed the Merriment dinner plate between the charger and salad, and had the textiles alongside the stack. In the photo below, you can see a glimpse of  a rattan charger I was also trying out.
The only problem I had with the stack was that you couldn't really see the Merriment pattern, which I really love. What to do? Stack the plates off-center from each other!
This asymmetrical plate stacking worked so much better for my final design, complementing all the pattern plays from the plates and textiles. Even the flatware choice plays into the design, with a subtle relief of what appears to be acorns, leaves and grapes on the handles. The plaid glassware pairs well with the chargers, and the crystal champagnes elevate the meal for an intended toast.
The centerpiece was a simple construction of a variety pack of grocery store gourds to coordinate with the tablecloth pattern. I added real pears and acorns, faux apples and leaves as fillers. Lenox candlesticks anchor each end of the centerpiece.
A leaf was placed on each plate stack to write names on as a place card. The napkins came as a set of eight - four solid rust, and four matching the pattern of the tablecloth. I couldn't decide which overlay I liked best, so I used both on alternating places around the table.
Since our lifestyle is more casual, we chose to use what was the formal living room of this house as a dining room. The fireplace makes it nice and cozy for dinners.
To the right of the fireplace is a bookcase in my dining room, which I like to style for seasonal display. For late fall, I chose colors leaning toward the fiery reds, golds and browns of nature.
Whether your table is for welcoming friends, family or even wayward individuals who may not otherwise have a place to go for Thanksgiving, homeland merriment is what this holiday is all about.

Enjoy all the ideas today with the list of stylists below. Each link will take you directly to their Thanksgiving table.
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Consistent with my method in tablescaping, I like to list my element sources, even though I have no affiliation with any of the brands. As an antique and vintage items dealer, it's just an extension of keeping records. One never knows when an item may go in and out of inventory fostering. 😉 It also helps those of you who may be interested in locating any of these items on your own.

Source List for Homeland Merriment Thanksgiving Tablescape
Chargers - Williams Sonoma Autumn Plaid 
Dinner Plate - Lenox Temperware Merriment
Salad Plates - Royal Stafford Homeland Fox
Glassware - Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid
Crystal Champagne / Sherbet - Cristal D'Arques-Durand Longchamps
Flatware - Oneida Bordeaux 1945
Candlesticks - Lenox
Tablecloth, Napkins, Napkins Rings - HomeGoods

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope to inspire you, and I want to encourage you to leave a comment, letting me know you stopped by. If you find you enjoy my topics, there's always an open invitation extended to you to subscribe to my posts by signing up on my sidebar near the top (if on a handheld, just go to the bottom and click on web version and you should then see it).

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Whether you're spending it with friends, family, or alone, be proactive and call someone to say hello, watch a parade, get cozy, and toast yourself and others in your current place of being. Set intentions on where you hope to be.  🍁🧡

Rita C. at Panoply


  1. Swoon Rita! Your table is speaking my love language…those plaid chargers, beautiful tablecloth, organic runner and handsome fox plates! I spied those Royal Stafford fox plates at HomeGoods and resisted. Now I have ‘should-have-bought-it-when-I -saw-it’ remorse, especially given their price. I love your asymmetrical styling and placing of the plates, addition of the leaf for a place card and alternating pair of napkins. Thanks so much for all your organizing efforts for these hops, I so appreciate it! As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. Lovely, Rita, and I like the offset plates to show the pretty one underneath. I like the idea of double napkins too!

  3. Good morning, Rita. I love your table setting with the fireplace and bookcase in view. It is so inviting, warm, and cozy. Explaining how you arrived at your final setting is so helpful for those who might be looking for ideas. I love the asymmetrical placement of dinner and salad plates. I do love the Royal Stafford fox plates, I haven’t seen those before. The plaid chargers highlight your table perfectly.

    Thank you for organizing the hops. Wishing you a happy season of Thanksgiving!

  4. This is a beautiful table, Rita. I especially love the gourd centerpiece and how it flows so beautifully with that lovely tablecloth! And foxes on the china -- a gorgeous pattern. I'd never thought of the asymmetrical way of setting up the plates. That really works! Happy November!

  5. I LOVE all of your layers starting with your sweet plaid chargers! Nothings like FALL colors.

  6. Rita your table is gorgeous. The tablecloth is so pretty and I love those chargers with your plates. The foxes are so different and beautiful. Love it all. Hugs Kris

  7. Bring on the merriment Rita! I adore the way you offset the salad plates to see the pretty pattern on the dinner plates, it was the very first thing I noticed! I also love the way you alternated the napkins so you are able to use both looks on the same table, brilliant! I love the napkin rings too and the plaid chargers, and the simple centerpiece of gourds and fruit looks wonderful with your pattern mix. It's all very inviting and welcoming...I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for hosting these inspiring tablescape hops~

  8. I like how you offset your dishes, very clever! The plaid chargers add such warmth to your table and the colorful centerpiece is perfect for fall. I would love to be dining by the fire in your lovely home - Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for hosting this fun party hop!

  9. Rita, I adore the merriment pattern and you've styled it beautifully! Thanks again for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Beautiful and cozy Rita! I love the fox plates paired with your merriment plates. I purchased the updated Royal Stafford fox, pheasant, and deer plates from HomeGoods recently and love how they look on the table. Having a fireplace in the dining room is a wonderful treat! My mil did the same thing and dinners were always so nice by the fireplace. Thanks for organizing the blog hop! Clara

  11. Really pretty, Rita! The offset plate stack is clever. It is so warm here that it still seems like summer, except for the falling leaves everywhere. We may be having TGV on the back porch at this rate! I have been meaning to tell you if I didn't already: I like the French bob hairstyle you have now -- very saucy!

    1. Thank you so much! I bet a lot of folks around the country will be dining outside! It's been an incredible fall. Saucy - that's me (thank you!). ;-)

  12. This table is right up my alley! Nicely done, as usual, Rita. I have to admit, when I read your words about styling your dining room bookcase for "late fall" I almost panicked. It's already late fall?!!! Gosh, I guess it is... Yikes!

  13. Rita, what a warm and welcoming table setting! Beautiful! And, I love how you set the top plate off center. Breaking the "rules" without damaging the dishes lol! A clever idea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Bravo Rita, your table is warm and inviting. I love that you are using your LR with the fireplace as your dining room. The Williams Sonoma Autumn Plaid chargers look great with your Lenox Temperware Merriment salad Plates. The Royal Stafford Homeland Fox plates are so sweet. Great idea setting your fox plates off center so you can enjoy those lovely Merriment plates. The centerpiece is striking with your store bought gourds, pumpkins and acorns. What would be do without Home Goods? Thank you again for organizing this Thanksgiving Tablescape blog hop. Cheers.

  15. Rita, I love what you did with your plate stack: Genius!!! I like that we can see the sweet pattern of the Merriment plates underneath the Homeland Fox plates. I also appreciate all your little details, like the fuzzy pumpkin napkin rings and the flowing centerpiece. I also LOVE the linens. I am a sucker for pretty table linens! Your entire room is styled prettily (I definitely noticed the shelves). Your room is cozy, and I do think it exemplifies "homeland." Happy Thanksgiving, My Sweet Friend!

  16. Merriment is such a wonderful word to include in your title especially for Thanksgiving. Families gather together to spend joyful hours together sharing wonderful food and memories. Your table invites them all to sit down, enjoy and revel in one another's company. I especially liked the double napkins that bring those two colors together with the plates in your stack. Love the plaid glasses. Such a pleasure. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. So pretty Rita and definitely cozy and warm and inviting. I love the little foxes and your attention to detail. Thanks for sharing your thought processes as it just re-affirms what I and many of the stylists do in bringing a table setting together. We have a vision and it is a trial and error until we find that perfect combination. You were brilliant in doing the off setting of the plates to take advantage of the design of the dinner plates. It is a shame to 'hide" it under a salad plate. I often choose double napkins asI think they bring a more cohesive table. Your book shelves add to the atmosphere of a comfortable and family oriented Thanksgiving! Thanks again for your organizational skills and I hope you realize how much I appreciate you. Blessings and Hugs.

  18. I like the way your offset the salad plate to show the pretty dinner plate. The dinner plate is beautiful with it's swirl of leaves. Beauty tablescape.

  19. The mix of patterns and colors on your table really conveys warmth and comfort, so perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner (helped along by the prospect of a lovely fire in the fireplace!). I love the fox salad plates, with their cute main design and the intricate pattern on the border. They contrast compatibly with the modern plaids in the chargers and glassware. I love the flatware too.
    Thanks so much for organizing the hop for us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. This is a really pretty table Rita! The colors you have chosen speak fall without being in your face from the softly patterned tablecloth to the plaid charger plates holding your plate stack. I can see why you wouldn't want to cover those lovely Merriment plates and those gorgeous Homeland Fox salad plates offset to the side adds another beautiful but subtle fall element. I love the napkins either way but the napkin rings really pop with the rust one on the outside. Enjoy your beautiful table and wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

  21. Rita, this just blows me away! That plaid...those foxes, so me!! I totally love it all. Perfect colors and that English Country vibe that I adore. Bravo!!!

  22. Oh Rita, I love your Merriment pattern from another life, and especially how you’ve offset the Fox pattern, thereby seeing the pretty pattern below. It all looks so cozy and comforting with the glow of the fire and the candles.

  23. I love it! The plaid just pulls it all together in my book and has a wonderful Ralph Lauren vibe to it as well! Definitely making me crave turkey and stuffing right now....

  24. Rita, the plate stack that you designed is so stunning. It really works beautifully together and enhances your choice of a tablecloth with napkins. It is such a classic and yet with a hint of yesterday's retro, especially with your fruit, gourd and pumpkin runner. Placed in front of the fireplace and it creates such welcoming charm. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

  25. Rita, you have created such a gorgeous Thanksgiving table in your beautiful dining room. How wonderful to have a fireplace in your dining room. It makes the entire setting look so warm, cozy, and inviting. All of the elements on your table complement each other wonderfully. The tablecloth is so pretty and looks lovely with your china. I love your Merriment pattern and how you set your plate stack. The centerpiece of fruit and gourds makes the perfect finishing touch. Thank you so much for hosting. It is always such a joy to join you and the other girls. I hope that you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  26. What a beautiful setting! I love the fire glowing in the background. It all looks so cozy and inviting. May God bless you this Thanksgiving season!

  27. Rita! As always you set a beautiful table. I am loving the idea of offsetting the salad plate to show more the plate designs below. That Merriment design is the perfect touch. How I wish I had fireplace in my dining area.. so warm and cozy. Thank you so much for hosting this fun Thanksgiving tablescape hop!

  28. You never disappoint, dear Rita. I love everything about your beautiful table setting. Thank you for teaching me about asymmetrical stacking! I never heard of before. Have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Merriment is right! I can just see family and friends enjoying each other around your beautiful table, such a cozy atmosphere in front of your fire!! I love your plaid chargers and the fox salad plates. Thank you for hosting our hops, I am grateful for my tablescaping friends🧡I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!🦃🍗

  30. Rita, your table is delightful. I have the WS plaid chargers and love using them. I also have a pair of the darling fox plates and have been tempted to add a few more. I tell myself I can't add anymore dishes to my cupboards. I hope I continue to listen to my wisdom. Ha! Seriously, I've considered adding more of the Spode pheasant plates too. I need an intervention! Clever idea to offset the salad plate with the leaf detail. I'm going to pin that idea. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  31. Oh Rita! Your table really is a feast for the eyes! Those fox plates are darling, but I am so glad you decided to place them offset to the Merriment patterned plates, as they really are lovely. I will be looking them up! A great idea to alternate the napkins. The tablecloth is so pretty I think I would use it all season long! As always, it is such a pleasure to join you on the blog hops!

  32. Your table is very festive and welcoming for Thanksgiving! I like your mixture of patterns, especially the addition of the plaid chargers. Great idea to offset the plates. Thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Party.

  33. Absolutely lovely, Rita! And I think the title is appropriate - how can you not have a great time with "Homeland Merriment" as the theme !