Friday, March 10, 2023

Irish Town and Country Tablescape

Dia dhuit ar maidin!* (That's Good Morning in Irish Gaelic). Welcome to my blog, Panoply. Today I have a tablescape for you, in honor of St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. I've tried to capture the essence of both "Irish Town and Country" with this tablescape. I hope you enjoy it, as it is not so typical of the symbolism we Americans normally think of with this holiday.
I am happy to be among a group of table stylists sharing our St. Patrick's Day tables with you. This table tour is hosted by Debbee's Buzzand the links to fellow creators' tables can be found further in this post. Thank you, Debbee, for the organizational lead!
If you've come to visit from Peacock Ridge Farm, you've already seen the logistics of how Renae assembled her beautiful tablescape. I'm happy to share mine with you now, in hopes you'll take away inspiration from yet another perspective. 

While my paternal family roots are originally from Ireland, I have never been to its beautiful lands. 
My first Irish ancestor came to America just before the Revolutionary War, settling in the western region of the Virginia territory, the area which seceded during the Civil War and became its own state - West Virginia - in 1863.
While one of my sisters will visit Ireland in late March this year, my sights of the native land of our ancestors are purely interpretational, based on popular knowledge, casual reading, and a little research. My table is set in the dining room. The morning sunlight added a golden hue over the tablescape in a few of the following photos.
We know the Irish country landscape is famous for its lush green pastures. My choice of green glazed salad plates struck me as beautifully complimentary - in their color and design - to both the Irish pastures and its traditional Celtic symbolism, respectively. The plates were actually designed as an homage to four of the world's most beautiful gardens (see details in source list, below). 
With Ireland's rich pastures, it should come as no surprise that Ireland is Europe's largest producer of thoroughbred race horses. Horse racing is linked with Irish culture and society historically, and is a popular spectator sport. I chose to represent this equestrian theme within my tablescape by my selection of dinner plates, napkin rings and flatware. Each of these table elements feature details found in horse bridles, bits and saddles.
Further outfitting the Irish Town and Country tablescape is the glassware - rough and rugged, yet elegant too. The patterns and textures offer both masculine and feminine appeal, an approach to tablescaping I gravitate toward often.
Irish Town and Country will remain just a vision as a tablescape for me for the time being. However, I shall consider myself quite lucky should I ever have the chance to cross a real visit to my ancestral Ireland's town and country off my bucket list in my lifetime! 🍀🏇

Though my blog is without advertisements or sponsorship, I always try to provide a list of sources and/or brands used in my tablescapes, in case readers want to try to locate similar (or exact) items. I hope you find this list useful.
Source List for Irish Town and Country Tablescape
Tablecloth - Home Goods
Napkins, Flatware - Estate Finds
Napkin Rings, Celtic 3D Wood Centerpiece - Etsy
Rattan Chargers - Pier 1
Dinner Plates (Wedgwood Equestrian), Glasses (Glen Plaid) - Ralph Lauren
Salad Plates (Veronica Beard Jardins du Monde) - Juliska
Crystal Water Goblets (Impromptu) - Lenox
Green Pottery Vases - Afloral
Boxwood Fillers, Wood Charms and Woodgrain Bowls - Hobby Lobby
Celtic Bowls - Carrolls Irish Gifts

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*For those who want to learn how to say Dia dhuit ar maidin as would a native Irish person, here ya go:
Have you ever been to Ireland, and/or are you of Irish descent? I love having conversation with my readers, and hope you'll take a few minutes to let me know you were here. Please be sure to leave your name in the event that you display as Anonymous when commenting. 

Thanks so much for your visit today!


  1. What a beautiful tablescape Rita, you have some really beautiful dishes. I have been searching for new glasses, and really love your plaid set. Your sister will love her trip. My sister went a few years ago, and she cannot wait until she is able to return again. Have a lucky day!

  2. Good Morning Rita, I’m green with envy over your Juliska Jardins Du Monde plates! I love their color, embossed textures and the fact that they represent the world’s most beautiful gardens. The green is so versatile and would be beautiful in a spring or Easter table too. Your table is so thoughtfully curated with your nod to Ireland’s horse racing and you have such a handsome mix of textures and tableware, with your Wedgwood Equestrian plates, rattan chargers, goblets and Celtic knot centerpiece. As always it's a treat to join you at the table and hop with you! Erin go Bragh ☘️💚

  3. Rita, such an enjoyable post! I liked reading about how you came upon the equestrian theme and how each of those beautiful plates represent gardens- very interesting! The whole look is very tied together and well appointed for a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day table!! ☘️here’s hoping that you and I get to visit Ireland someday!☘️

  4. Such a beautiful and charming Irish tablescape, Rita. I love your use of patterns and their combinations. Your use of a variety of textures like in the rattan, brown stemware and bold greenery also makes the tablescape something I can almost feel. It is a beautiful reminder of the lush green landscape of Ireland.

  5. Your table is lovely and I'm especially wild about your garden salad plates. Very pretty, Rita. I'm not Irish (Welsh, in part) but Rick is Scots/Irish and learning more about all that. Have a lovely and delicious Irish dinner at that table!

  6. Oh Rita, I love how you presented much of the essence of Irish "Town and Country" in this very Irish table setting. My maternal lineage is Irish and a family of aunts, uncles and cousins with beautiful red hair, which I was not lucky to be blessed with! But, I am lucky that we traveled with family to Ireland to see the beautiful country. You have set such a lovely table representing much of beautiful Ireland. You know I love Juliska, and wow, the Salad Plates, Veronica Beard Jardins du Monde which represent gardens! The stemware, RL glasses and napkin rings are perfection. I've certainly enjoyed my morning coffee while enjoying memories of my trip from reading this post. I do hope you will cross a trip to Ireland from your bucket list soon! Well done.........

  7. Oh that's lovely Rita! The nod to horses is so cool and matches perfectly! I love your color combination too - it totally transports me to Ireland! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! It's always fun hopping with you!

  8. I so enjoyed reading about your family history and Irish Town and Country Rita. You put a lot of thought into your tablescape and so smart to use bridal parts to reflect the Irish race horses. I love the green plates with their matching similar patterns. Your table has a wonderful variety of textures and earthy colors. I hope you get to travel to Ireland someday!

  9. Beautiful table Rita! and if you go to that gorgeous land.....take me with you! I have a garden buddy who has gone several times and her pictures are always inspirational and make me want to be packed in her suitcase for sure!
    I love those brown wine glass.goblets, they're giving some great contrast! Great job as usual my friend!

  10. Hi Rita, this tablescape is unexpected and the most elegant tribute I've ever seen to St. Patrick's Day and one's Irish heritage. It is quite impressive to have a Revolutionary War soldier relative. I've had a few friends who came from West Virginia and they didn't know what their initial nationality was, nor did they care. That, to me, means that family has been here a long, long time. I admire the strength of their ancestors. I have a great-great grandfather from Ireland and the "story" is that he left Ireland because he was caught attending Mass when that was against the law. He was 16, went to England and worked until he got enough money to get on a ship and cross the ocean. He went to Canada instead of the U.S.A. because the fare to Canada cost less. He was 17 when he arrived in Canada. I have thought what that must have been like to realize that one would never see their family again. The chances are that he didn't know how to write and there would have been no way to get in touch with them unless he had someone else write for him. I'd like to research that story, but his name was John Hayes and there were quite a few people with that name. I'm in need of a new set of dishes, but I don't want the typical new dishes being sold today because they are soft fired and chip so easily. There are many choices of vintage china on eBay, but the shipping charges are restrictive.

  11. Rita, your table is lovely and a definite Irish theme. As you already know, I am of Irish descent and one of my dearest friends lives in Dublin. It is such a beautiful country and you will enjoy your visit there one day.
    On another note, so sorry your WV Mountaineers lost to our Kansas Jayhawks yesterday, but as the saying goes... there is always one winner and one loser. (on any given day anything can happen) I thought your team had been playing very well of late and that game with Texas Tech was clinic play on the Mountaineers part. Who knows what will happen when we play Iowa State later today. They are so good and our coach is in the hospital with some sort of heart infraction that requires him to miss the rest of the Big 12 tournament.!! At least we will go to the Dance with all our very good teams from the Big 12. See ya there. Hugs my friend.

  12. don't know why it is know it is me Kari @ Me and my Captain

  13. Rita, I LOVE your unique, Irish inspired tablescape! But first, enjoyed reading about your first Irish-born ancestor becoming a patriot here in the States. You know how I enjoy family history! Those plates are so special, and the first I've ever seen them. When in Ireland this past summer, we visiting National Stud, in the heart of horse raising and racing country. The landscape was so green and beautiful, and the horses so incredible. How clever of you to use them as inspiration for your table.

  14. Rita, I've not see this set of Juliska plates, and I'm smitten. I'm a fan of Juiska's beautiful dishes, have various patterns, and delighted to see this set. Love that each plate is tribute to a famous garden. I must go look!
    Your Irish heritage is showing in the love you gave to setting this table. I've not traveled to Ireland, but it has always been on my list. I'd like to return to Scotland too!
    We often think of beautiful blooming plants for spring, but my first thought for spring always goes to the colors of this table: the fresh greens of new life pushing up from the rich brown earth. This is a beautiful tribute to your Irish heritage!
    Dia dhuit ar maidin!

  15. Rita, Your Irish table is beautiful. Those plates are exquisite! The wood centerpiece is so very pretty and the way you styled it compliments the theme indeed. I have similar napkin rings but ours came from Hobby Lobby. I love the table scatter and the nod to horse racing. The tablecloth is such a pretty design and can be used in many other tablescapes as well. Enjoy your weekend! Clara❤️

  16. Rita, you know I love both town and country, so this is right up my alley! (How could I have forgotten the important equestrian link?) I always thought I was more Irish than I am (mostly Scottish; only 8% Irish according to my DNA). Like you, I would consider myself quite lucky to see and experience Ireland firsthand. Thanks for the preview today. Your tablescape hits all the important elements—as always. ☘️

  17. Your tablescape is beautiful! I love the plates and the Celtic design centerpiece. I would love to one day visit Ireland as well to see the roving green pastures and hills. I have no idea if I have any Irish blood, but I'm sure our son does with his very Irish last name! It's been great hopping with you today!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

  18. Just beautiful Rita and I'm so glad you shared the inspiration behind it! You are right... it is not symbolic of how we see St. Paddy's Day here in the states. Yet your pictures reminded so much of one my nephew sent from his trip to Ireland several years ago. They were enjoying a rainy afternoon in a beautiful quaint Irish pub. That is exactly the vibe I get from your gorgeous tablescape today. Thank you for inspiration and I wish your a wonderful weekend ahead!

  19. Hi Rita, I'm Irish on both sides - father's father and mother's mother. My mother's mother was French. Went to Ireland for three glorious weeks in the late 1990s and have wanted to go back ever since. It was a magical place and a magical tour and we all loved it. Went with my dad, and 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We had the entire back of the tour bus. I am SO glad we did a tour because we learned so many things just going about on our own wouldn't have taught us. Highly recommend while young enough to traipse about on stones, etc. Glad your sister is able to go. She will talk you into going, I bet!!! Stay green. ♣

  20. Beautiful table setting! I'm totally in love with your green plates!! It was very interesting learning about your ancestry background.

  21. Although I'm not Irish I'd LOVE to go to Ireland. From the films I've seen it is magnificent.
    A bit foggy but magnificent and your sister is a lucky girl. To me, your table seems the perfect homage to St. Patty's Day. The green garden plates are so unique but adding the equestrian theme for an homage to Ireland has to be my favorite part. You are so creative.

  22. Rita, I’ve heard that Ireland is very beautiful, but I didn’t know anything about thoroughbred horses in Ireland. I love your green dishes and your pretty tablescape. Great job as usual!

  23. Rita, this is an absolutely lovely table. I went through it several times trying to figure out what was so captivating, and I think its the whole of it. I love the masculine and feminine aspects, the dark and light components in the tablecloth versus the rattan chargers and goblets, and, of course, your mix of vintage with (relatively) new. The equestrian plates are very unique as are the Juliska salads. A lovely tribute to your Irish heritage.

  24. Could you hear me squeal all the way from Missouri? So gorgeous and so creative. Your equestrian theme blows me away. And oh my that 3D Celtic centerpiece, so amazing. Well, I'm just in love and I can picture you on your horse against a blazing sunset... sort of like Scarlett O'Hara!

  25. What a beautiful table to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, that you’ve set, Rita. My late beloved and I were able to go to Ireland for our vacation, and what memories I cherish from that trip. 💚☘️💚

  26. Rita,mos fun and interesting to read about your family’s history. Those Juliska Jardins Du Monde plates are gorgeous and so unique. The 3D Celtic centerpiece is lovely. So many wonderful pieces to compliment this beautiful tablescape. The tablecloth is so pretty. A pretty table that compliments both feminine and masculine taste. I hope you get the opportunity to travel to a Ireland. I would also love to visit. Always a pleasure Rita.

  27. Rita, I am totally smitten by your Juliska salad plates. I have never seen these and they are truly stunning. I remember you sharing your Irish heritage with me and I know your sister will love her trip. The masculine/feminine approach you often use for your tabletop designs always intrigues me, you do it so well. I hope you make it to Ireland one day, it was one of our most memorable trips!

  28. Interesting family history! I would love to go to Ireland - maybe some day! Fabulous table! Erin go Bragh

  29. Love your family history. Terry is Irish from his mother and she has visited many times back to Ireland and her family still there. I would love to go some day. Love your table setting. Hugs. Kris

  30. Rita, I have not been to Ireland but have traveled there through books and videos. Your tablescape is lovely and your sense of design and history is uniquely evident.
    My favorite element are the Juliska jardin plates. I will have to look up where the gardens are. I visited lovely intricate geometrical jardin patterns in the Loire Valley at various french chateaus and one in Paris.
    I do not know of any Irish heritage in our family. Your post have prompted me to look up some history I have forgotten.

  31. I absolutely LOVe your table! I, too, have Irish ancestry. Are you a member of DAR? I belong to the Oak Mountain Chapter. I don't think any of my Patriots were Irish, though.

  32. Rita,
    Your table is so beautiful. Love your dishes. Congratulations, you are being featured on Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.

  33. Lovely table, Rita! It's amazing that you can trace your first Irish ancestor who came to the US so far back! Ireland is high on my list of places to go!