Friday, September 15, 2023

Panoply Booth Spaces and Antiquing Lately

Good morning! In just another week or so I can officially say Happy Fall, Y'all! The autumnal equinox will arrive on September 23rd in my time zone here in the Northern Hemisphere. Today I'm sharing Panoply's latest antique mall booth spaces with you. 
By the time you finish reading this post you'll understand why it's been such a crazy past few weeks for me. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy a little armchair browsing / shopping!

From late August until early this week, my two sisters (M & J) and I have been really busy shopping for, pricing, and staging our booth spaces in the South Charleston Antique Mall. We call this time of year our Happy Thanksmas period. Viewing this post of photos of our most recent booth vignettes will explain why!
Our Christmas inventory was gathered among the three of us, and we began staging the Tuesday following Labor Day, and finished up on the 12th.
Each of my sisters and I have separate vendor numbers, yet we coordinate and style our items all together in what is made into four separate spaces. We use divider screens, shutters and slats, and pegboard walls within our rented spaces to create 'rooms'. We share the total rent expense equally (calculated by square footage), and the management tracks sales and expenses for each of us.
It's typically sister M and I who fluff and style the booth spaces, and it works amazingly well once we come up with ideas. We then divide and conquer the tasks and stand back to tweak and admire each other's work. I take photos so we can share with sister J who lives in Cincinnati. Taking photos also allows us to post to Facebook, visually track sales, and make notes through each month.
Our main sourcing outlet for vintage and antique items are estate sales, both private and public. Working with a good mix of items acquired and inspired by the seasons, we know with retail we have to be ready well in advance with our stock. We actually began styling the fall vignettes in late July (back-to-school), early August (fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving), adjusting and adding as things sold.
'Mantiques', as we term items we think the guys gravitate toward when shopping, are mixed among the girly things, but primarily in one section. Locked curio cabinet items may be in one of three booths.
A bit of our farmhouse corner, which spans all seasons.....
November will mark the 60th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and Christmas parties will soon follow. We try to consider calendar events in advance and plan well ahead which ideas to play out.
We try to offer vintage ornaments and decorations, as well as decor items. We also try to include Hannukah in the holiday season.

We do sell furniture, although we limit it, due to having to move, clean, store and use prime retail booth space to display it.
We have consistently stocked vintage and antique linens our entire 15 years in the antique mall. 
Sometimes it works out that we set a vignette, and no sooner than we get home, we get a call that a large piece sells. No worries this time - sister M had a replacement ready to go in! 
We have just completed our 15th year occupancy in this mall! Our love of vintage and antique shopping and arranging vignettes satisfies our desire for creative expression here in our spaces, which are approximately 550 of the mall's nearly 18,000 square feet of various vendors' offerings. We are located on the first floor, and there are a total of three floors + a mezzanine. An elevator and restroom is available, as are radio intercoms when assistance is needed on each floor.

We are located at 617 D Street, South Charleston, WV 25303. We are off of I-64 at Exit 56, which intersects interstates I-77 and I-79 in Charleston, WV. Our hours are also very convenient to travelers, open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm, and Sundays Noon - 5pm.  We are closed only three days a year - Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Stop in and see us sometime! Happy Thanksmas!


  1. Rita, are those Lenci-type felt face dolls with the look of wonder on their faces? I love those, along with what looks like a couple of chromolithographs, and quite a few other things that I'd purchase like the sitting hen, the white box on legs with the lights inside and that lovely Christmas wreath. I admire that three of you work together and have other people running the store itself, perhaps you have to work a day or two at the store also, I don't know. Your shop within a shop is charming, displayed beautifully, and, as always, is filled with things that people want. Let me know, if you have time, please, as to if those dolls are felt or do I need to find my glasses. Love, Ginene

  2. What an inviting booth space, festive for upcoming holidays and full of fun things to browse.

  3. I can see why you have been a bit rushed this past few weeks, Rita. All your efforts have paid off and your booths look wonderful. Love the vignettes that you have created and the eclectic inventory. If I ever get to your area, I am definitely stopping to shop. I would love to look through your linens. You have quite a selection. Your Christmas items are intriguing and invite customers to explore your stock. It's lovely that you share your interest in antiques with your two Sisters and have such a good working relationship. Best of luck through the holiday season.

  4. Your displays are so inviting, Rita. I love the curated look -- you have a lot of stuff but it's so neatly arranged that it's not overwhelming, which is my biggest complaint in most antique malls. There's so much in so small a space I get a little crazy and overwhelmed. This just makes sense. It must be hard to live in two calendar cycles -- working ahead several months and then living in those months while you are working ahead again! (I have trouble enough working with the season that is nipping at my heels!) You have some gems there. I love the cabinets and those Christmas nesting dolls and of course, the quilts. It's a lovely space -- worth the trip to Charleston just to see this!

  5. Oh no, why do you have to be 6 hrs away?..there is a couple of things that interest me. It is great you sisters can work together and have creative fun. Booth looks lovely.

    1. I would love it if we were closer to you and many others! Thank you for your virtual visit!

  6. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary. Such a great experience for the sisters. You have been very successful.

  7. How fantastic 15 years of setting up your lovely booths with your sisters. I know how organized you are and the booths look lovely. Little vignettes here and there to welcome your visitors. Bravo Rita, maybe you can take a breath now.

  8. I see so many things I'd love! It's great that you can all work together on this. I'd definitely be a faithful shopper!!

  9. How fun and festive your booth looks. You girls have the touch on displaying your beautiful found treasures in vignettes. Hope all is going well. Hugs. Kris

  10. Rita, this looks fabulous and what fun you and your sisters must have finding all these treasures!! I love all the vignettes you have put together and the vintage linens look divine. Would love to see the booth in person and congratulations on your 15th anniversary!

  11. 15 years! WOW! I'm glad I got to see your booths, and I'd love to see it all again! I love to see what you have...what you consider worthy of stocking. It's interesting how everyone is so different, yet anything could sell. There's no magic involved! It's always good to see you post. Take care...

  12. Everything looks great Rita, I used to have a retail space at a local beauty salon and my partner and I had so much fun styling the displays as you and your sister do. It looks like you have a great selection for "Thanksmas." How do customers get the larger furniture pieces, do you deliver? Do people by the skates just for decoration? 15 years, wow, congratulations!

  13. I love how you and your sisters have enjoyed this venture together for so many years. You style everything so perfectly. I would so love shopping at your darling booths. ❤️

  14. Congratulations on 15 years. That's amazing! I love that you and your sisters share this passion and found a way to have fun together. I've often thought about getting a booth in a mall, but options here are very limited.
    I smiled as I scrolled through your photos. The stand of hats immediately caught my attention. The wool cap on upper right was handmade in Morocco. I have one I purchased in the souk in Marrakesh. It's felted wool. Thanks for the fun tour. Wish I were close to shop.

  15. Good morning, Rita. Congratulations on fifteen years with your two sisters doing what y’all enjoy. If I am ever near the antique mall, I will definitely shop. Your displays are beautiful and I see many things I love.

  16. Oh how I wish that I lived in your town, Rita. You ladies do such a wonderful job with you booths. And I bet that you and your Sistas have an awful lot of fun together. Congrats on your 15th!

  17. Rita, I can appreciate how much work is involved in your antique booth spaces as a 20+ year retail veteran. The buying, pricing, hauling, organizing and staging is endless. After spending a day upending a space and rearranging, it would never fail that the main piece would sell and I’d have to start over the next day. Those linens in particular would drive me wild with the dangling and tangling tags! I’m mentally shopping your photos …your nesting box/birdhouse, red and white checked quilt, ‘Merry and Bright’ box, Santa cards/ephemera…sold! Wish I was closer to shop in person and poke around in your space and antique mall. Happy almost Fall!