Thursday, February 14, 2013

"A Panoply of Purses" - 1st Edition, 2013

It's one month till Spring (thank goodness!) and, apart from going to the antique mall each week to restyle one section at a time, I haven't gotten into much personal decluttering or organizing at home since putting away Christmas decor.

One thing I did manage to do, however, is create a virtual organization of my purse collection - no small feat! I've been collecting for years and, though I've had the forethought of detailing the purchase records, listing each one on an Excel spreadsheet, and taking photographs of every purse in my collection, only now was I inspired to organize it all. And I did it with a Shutterfly book!

Shutterfly has a feature that lets me link my project book within my blog here (below).  The actual bound book size is 8" x 11", and Shutterfly does a nice job with professional-quality binding (many options to choose from). So, I hope you enjoy my project, appropriately titled "A Panoply of Purses". There are options for viewing, as noted below, and I would recommend the full screen view. The detail on these antique and vintage bags is incredible, a lost art for certain.

I hope to help my sister (M) put one of these books together for her collection of antique and reproduction dolls sometime in the near future. Enjoy!