Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Linens Unleashed

Remember in my last post I mentioned I got a display piece from our local ReStore?  Well, today my sister & I took it in to the antique mall and placed it in our booth - and we're totally pleased with the outcome!  Until now, our rack of vintage linens was overstuffed, which made it hard to even see what we had to offer.  But now, we have two racks, and room to bring in more linens!

Here's the rack we got from ReStore:
And here it is after today's styling in our booth space:
Here's what the original rack looks like now that its load has been lightened (it's two-sided, see photos below): 
We left the more formal linens in the two-sided original rack, and put the casual cottons in the cage rack.  The best part of it all - we didn't need to take anything out of the booth to make room for this!


  1. congratulations! loved reading your comment...send address vial email



  2. You guys did an amazing job :)

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    1. Why thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :)