Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jane! Stop this Crazy Thing!

Man, oh man!

Last night I could NOT get to sleep...found myself actually praying for a mind at rest.  My mind was racing.....

Seems like each time we go to the antique mall to restage something, anything, my mind goes into overdrive at the end of that day, and sometimes spills into the next one, or more.  That's the case this week.  After restaging and snapping photos of our work, I come home anxious to organize the photojournaling.  It's a fun thing to do, memorializing the displays and inventory, and it helps in planning future changes we'll make.

If planning ahead and organizing's not enough for my brain, while on the computer, I first jump into Excel to reconcile the January sales reports from the mall.  Then, I jump over to catch up on Facebook and Pinterest posts.  Not such a good idea.  Bing! Boom!  First I need to finish mentally filing all that I've done and still want to do, let alone process all the new things that may inspire me or divert my attention.  So I take a break from the computer to join my husband for some talk time.  And food.

We're sitting in the TV area, catching up on news, and suddenly I find myself really getting into watching a great, competitive college basketball game - a team I've never even cared about before! My daughter then texts me, asking me if I'd looked over her tax papers yet, anxious to know if she qualifies for a new vehicle state tax credit.  No, but I start googling on my smartphone any information I can find from our state's legislation, and I find myself then jumping into tax preparation mode.  "Jane!  Stop this crazy thing!"  George Jetson would scream, as he's walking the dog on the treadmill in the sky.  That's how I feel sometimes!  Actually, that's how I feel most of the time.  My brain is constantly in overdrive. 

I've come to a point of filling my daily routine with 'to do' lists of all these self-imposed tasks, and I create new lists daily (love that ColorNote app on my phone!).  Sometimes I find myself feeling just a little like the gerbel on the spinning wheel (or like George Jetson).  I need a careful balance of mental and physical activity to help myself rest well at night, but sometimes the energy in this Universe is just way too strong for me.  And I feel caught up in it.  Most of the time I like it, but sometimes I just want to unplug.  Rest my mind.

It's as if our world is so FULL of so much technology, so much information processing simultaneously, so much visual stimulation...and we've all learned to increase our capacity in just trying to survive it by multi-tasking, working longer, working smarter.  They say the brain's capacity is only tapped, what, 10-20% in our lifetime?  Holy moly!  I think there'd actually be flames coming out of my head sometimes if it were charged any higher!

How do you let it all go?  Inspire me, please!

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