Monday, October 7, 2013

Crazy busy, multi-tasking October!

It is October, and I can remember when my kids were in school and how busy the months of September and October were.  Well, the nest is empty, but I am up to my eyeballs with multi-tasking lots of activities, including Panoply purchasing and re-styling, along with home maintenance projects and wedding planning!

This past week had me checking off several items from my lists and, although I was an active participant in all, I did none of them completely alone.  It takes a village, and the village has been summoned!

Restyling the booth spaces with sister M resulted in this:
A wall of mirrors
An added bench, repurposed from a bed

A few more touches of fall in our spaces
Getting the yard cleaned up went from this (just one of many sections):
To this:
A trip to local farmer's market had me smiling at this great Amish-made cart with mules, which were fashioned from miscanthus stalks, hay, wood & wire:
And back home, I added a couple little punches of color to the otherwise sleepy garden (I planted the yellow  mums, but the pumpkins may be fair game for the wedding decor later in the month!):
Three separate days last week, I met with my daughter(s) and various wedding vendors to finalize catering, [cup]cakes, and photography...not to mention calling on unanswered RSVPs. :/

And did I mention my engaged daughter just bought her first house, moved, and had some leftover vintage and antique pieces I took and cleaned up?  So much for clearing out part of the basement with the yard sale last I have a few projects on my plate, with this set being one of them (you can see my pruned lavender in the background):
The week and weekend had several estate sales on tap, and I got to one during the week which yielded another prop for the wedding.  Another sale, a former dealer at the antique mall, happened to have lots of linens, so the linen sisters were on that!  Sister J just happened to be in town for her 50th high school reunion, so she stole some time in between a jammed packed weekend to join M and me for the score.

Finally, yesterday, I amassed a lot of the vintage items I've been gathering and storing for the wedding (October 26th) in one room, and began the sorting, counting and playing with decor ideas:
This week is looking pretty busy too, with more home maintenance (brick cleaning and sunroom roof re-caulking) and wedding planning.  Some of these activities may be worthy of individual posts a little later on, particularly the wedding, but I can't let too much out of the bag for now.  Suffice it to say, the wedding will be rustic and casual.  Here's a peek..can you guess what this is and what it will be used for?
I hope to accomplish a lot this week, and here's hoping you also get to cross off a few things on your own to-do lists!

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