Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scentsy Fall Favorites

I am not big on fragrances in my home, mostly because Mr. P. is hyper-sensitive to odors, even good ones, and is borderline asthmatic.  I am also not big on burning real candles, mostly because I don't want to burn the house down.  But when I do want a fragrance in my home, I am pretty much in love with Scentsy brand plug-in warmers and scented wax bars (and no, this is not a subsidized endorsement!).  I discovered these warmers  a couple of years ago, and I have found a few choice fragrances subtle enough that Mr. P. can tolerate, if warmed just long enough to get a waft of the aroma in the air.

I just received a new plug-in unit that I'm gaga about, and wanted to share it with you. Look at this super-cute plug-in for Fall, called "Whoot".  He's in my laundry / mud / bathroom.
Sentsy "Whoot" plug-in burner turned on, lights off.
There are other brands of these wax warmers, but they all basically work the same.  You plug them in, either with a table- or counter-top, corded version, or you use a smaller, night-light plug-in version.  I prefer the smaller, night-light sized ones, keeping them off of surface areas.  They use a single, 15 watt clear light bulb (comes with), and the smaller plug-ins use just one cube of the wax bars that come much like the prepared cookie dough bars you buy and separate before baking.
Scentsy "Whoot" (reflection in mirror shows the rear hall entry of the house and back wall of room).
Speaking of baking, the fragrances are numerous - I think 80 in total - and I just purchased pumpkin marshmallow.  Oh my gosh, it smells soo good!
Scentsy packaging and wax bar
A few of my other favorite scents are Honey Pear Cider (all-time favorite), Baked Apple Pie, and Winter Pine.  I have purchased Lemon Chiffon from Wal Mart, which I love in summer.  I've tried other burners, but none are as substantial in weight and as level once plugged into the wall at the Scentsy brand.  These have an on/off switch, and an adaptable 3-prong plug that can be rotated to fit most any outlet, maybe all.  It's easy to get the wax cubes out once they're either no longer fragrant or you just want to change them out.  You just place the burner unit (it comes apart from the base piece you plug in) in your freezer, and the wax disc slips right out. :)

I wasn't planning on purchasing any more Fall decor, but this owl was too cute to pass up in white ceramic. I have several other burners in my collection, including "Gingerbread" and "Heavenly" for Christmas holidays, "Shasta Daisy" for summertime, and "Leopard" because anything leopard makes me smile, and reminds me of my mom.

I always shop the Combine and Save packages for a slight discount, and the items ship directly to your home without hassle of a consultant or party.  I just look around, and read the descriptions of the fragrances I find interesting, and choose accordingly.  But you can usually find a local consultant and attend one of their parties if you enjoy that kind of thing.   My daughter became a certified consultant for Scentsy about a year ago, finding it more economical to sell it and save on something she uses regularly, but I just go to her Scentsy link page for a no-party, no-hassle shopping experience and do my own thing when I want something.  Check it out, but be warned - if you like fragrance, it can be addictive.  They make great gifts for hostesses, hairdressers, teachers, etc.

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