Thursday, November 7, 2013

Booth Space, Holiday Style

Sister M and I began styling our booth spaces for the holidays this week.  Here are a few photos:
We set one space as if it were a family's living room on Christmas morning....
I want to take that rocking horse home with me!
The bow-tied wooden box on the bench contains a very early 20th C erector set, complete with original (heavy!) case and instructions.
Lots of vintage ornaments in a galvanized washtub....
As well as vintage holiday textiles....

November also marks the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, so we set a small homage to him.

More to come....we still have plans for a tablescape with vintage glassware, china and metals, and adding more smalls (if I can manage to let go of the ones I'm still fostering).  Once December arrives, most folks have already scoped out their holiday decor.  We're already planning our vignettes for the new year, so we're hoping to clear out many large items in November.  Fingers crossed!

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