Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Was Simply Obeying the Law!

Mr. P. and I have been walking earlier and earlier, the hotter it gets.  Lately, it's been around the time the early bird gets the worm.  As we were walking a week or so ago, we turned the corner, about a half mile from home, and I saw this:
Being the law-abiding citizen that I am, I simply obeyed the law!  Actually, the pile looked like this as we were walking:
As we made our way back around the area, I saw a teenager exit one of the houses that straddled the properties behind the signpost at the corner, where this pile was stacked.  I asked if it was from his family's yard (yes), and was it out for trash (after checking with parents, yes).  Could I have a few pieces of it (yes)? I told the young man to tell his parents what I would be driving in case they wanted to know.  Before I could finish these three questions, Mr. P. was already a block away, walking as if he didn't even know me!

After finishing our walk, about an hour or so later, I grabbed my yard gloves and drove over to the honey hole of chippy treasures. Thankfully, my back car door lock had been repaired this past week (expensive!!), so I'm back in business, just like Sanford & Son. ;)
I pulled out three sections of the chippy wood treasures and stacked them in the rear of my car, and off I drove. The three sectional pieces are in the photo below.  The section on the left has a corner piece with two slats - it's standing on its own, and I really like that.  It is the same height as the section on the far right, and the section in the middle is taller than the other two.  I had my Panoply sisters in mind when I took three sectional pieces.
Until a vignette is planned (or nixed) with my Panoply cohorts to use these in a display, I put the chippy goodness away for now. They'll keep good company with flowerpots and some other worn wood slats (piled on top of the pots in photo below) I gathered from another neighbor's discards for...well, guess what?
Just days after I penned this post, a niece of mine got on Facebook with the photo below from the blog My Love 2 Create (Mindi Carwin) and wrote this:
"LOVE this idea!!! If anyone has an old picket fence or knows where I can get one...please let me know!! My son T has joined the military and I would LOVE to be able to display this outdoors for all to see!"  
So guess where the wood slats went?  Yep, I told my niece, "I'm your girl".  She picked them up this past weekend.  She and her son are going to build it - with only one condition - she takes pictures before, during and after the project, lol.  I still have the fence sections, but the slats are gone.

Recycling at its best - I love it!

Do you like early-bird specials? What's in your neighborhood lately?  Have you ever 'rescued' from the side of the road?  In your neighborhood, or not?

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