Monday, July 21, 2014

July Estate Sale Finds

I went to a local estate sale in early July, and came away with what I found to be some pretty cool finds. I was only in search of small items, but there were a few really quality antique pieces of furniture too. Of course, I will always look for textiles in an estate sale, and I found a few really nice, hand-worked articles.  The first is a needlepoint rug, measuring 4' x 8', in excellent condition (below).
In addition to this, I picked up one lap-size quilt, and one hand-crocheted trimmed tablecloth.
The quilt has some tattering on one edge, but I loved the hand work and pattern (Grandmother's Flower Garden), and the price was right. I also spotted a nice Dhurrie rug, the same size as the needlepoint, but there was no price on it.  The hosts obliged with an extremely good price, so I bought it as well. It goes perfectly with my sunroom furniture and my breakfast room dining set too! Even though there were a couple of minor places with loose threads on the edges, it was clean.
The kitchen is usually another gold mine of treasures for me at estate sales. I got pretty excited about a set (except for one or two odd pieces out) of vintage Oneida flatware.  There were a few other pieces thrown in from other Oneida sets, but this was the pattern I loved, tarnish and all. If anyone recognizes the pattern, please let me know. From what research I've done, I cannot find its name.  It's nice and weighty, the way I like my utensils, probably from 1940s - 1950s, I would guess. It just says Oneida USA on the backs.
Another item purchased (but not photographed) was a set of berry bowls, in white ceramic porcelain (newer). They match another set I bought at a sale earlier this year, only in yellow. So, now I have 16 mixers and matches. :) From the husband's office/library, I picked a very cool, telescoping, pharmacy-style floor lamp with a black matte finish that I didn't photograph either. The items below also came from that same room.
Whenever I see a 48-star flag, I always buy it, and I've sold several.  It is made of wool and linen, and dates sometime between 1912-1959. The binoculars and specs couldn't be passed up either.

When going to an estate sale, don't forget the garage!  If you need yard tools, hand or power tools, you'll usually find some great stuff there. I picked up a couple of things that will come in handy when moving big items - a ratchet strap and two bungee cords. They'll be permanent items for my SUV's trunk.
Lastly, I found this great wooden crate in the garage (below), which became my shopping cart to haul all my things to the car after checking out at the sale.
It's a good sized one, with side holes for handling.  We currently have a variety of crates with advertising graphics on them set up in our booth space, to which I'll likely add this one, as a couple have already sold from what you see below:
That's it for this sale's finds.  We're running a 30% off clearance sale in our booth spaces right now, and we're hoping to purge and make way for vignettes with late-summer, early fall themes.  

Meanwhile, back at the proverbial ranch, I've purchased two more industrial shelving units to organize and purge the basement. Oh dear! I've had to tell Mr. P. it will get worse before it gets better.  Right now, it definitely just got worse!  My target goal is to be finished by September 25th, as we (Panoply) are participating in an antiques fair that coincides with an antique car show here locally.  It will be held in a barn, so we're gearing up for a good time and a new experience.  I'll keep you posted on details as they unfold.

Happy sales to you!

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