Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Impromptu Merriment Table - Fall Flourishes

Let's (rock 'n) roll back in time, circa 1977, for just a little while.  I've set the table with some fall flourishes, including Lenox Temperware in the "Merriment" pattern.
This was my pattern of choice in 1977 (in a former life).  We were not fine china people, and Lenox had come out with this line in many patterns, starting in 1972. Two of my older siblings who married in 1976 and 1978 also picked Temperware (different patterns). It was one of the first ceramic tablewares that could go from freezer to oven to table safely. This was back in the day of bell-bottoms and earth shoes, and I was also into houseplants in a big way, so Merriment was a good, natural pattern choice for me.

The stemware chosen to complement the Merriment at registry was Lenox "Impromptu", a chocolate brown wavy, hand-blown glass. In setting this table, I've displayed a take on fall's final flower fling. With pops of yellow from the sunflower pillow in the background, the miniature Indian corn on the table, and the Fiesta square yellow chargers in Sunflower, the table mimics a typical garden pallet as it fades from summer throughout fall.
The tabletop salt and pepper are pewter, a pear and apple, a gift contemporary to that time and relevant to fall's bounty.  The touches of Indian Summer in the Sunroom are still a fitting decor, as seen in the feather centerpiece bouquet, the Indian corn, the pallet art, and the floor rug just beyond the table.
Feather centerpiece, Indian corn, fall fruit shakers, and sunroom decor still hint at Indian Summer
Flatware is vintage Oneida, purchased at an estate sale in July.
Native American woven rug visible in upper right corner of floor
Feather centerpiece mimics Indian headdress, while woven rug blends in the background
The table linens are a drop cloth base, with vintage 1970s placemats and napkins. I guess if you could say my old china came to the marriage as part of my dowry, then the placemats and napkins came from from Mr. P.'s dowry, lol. Speaking of the china, I didn't complete my service for 8 until after my marriage to Mr. P.  It was then that I scoured both Replacements and eBay to finish my service. I added a few serving pieces also, including a gravy boat, oval roasting platter, sugar/creamer, and a covered vegetable dish.
The fact that I'm using a trophy as my feather centerpiece vessel has no inference whatsoever to either marriage, trophy husband or wife. Let's just say it's a metal that coordinates well with the rest of the tablescape and leave it at that.
Thank you for joining me as I indulged in my throwback.  Shall we move forward now?

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