Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Long, Tall Fall - Indeed!

Mr. P. and I walk almost every day.  I've been snapping photos along our path of various things that strike me for whatever reason.  It's been a long, tall fall - indeed!

Shadows are long as the sun sits further south.  Someone told me we look like the blow up thingies at car dealerships in this photo below.:)
We've got lots of neighbors who've been decorating the heck out of their yards for Halloween.
Neighborhood Halloween yard decor
Sometimes it's the way the sun is hitting something along our path that just screams "picture this!"
Neighborhood fall flora
I've also been continuously journaling last looks in the garden, as it's being put to bed before going dormant for winter. With colors at peak, you never know which wind or rain will cause all the leaves to drop.

Sunrise (L) and sunset (R) through the maple and sassafras, respectively. See the squirrel's nest high up in the sassafras?
Things are finally completely sheared in my landscape beds. Only a few remain to be pruned next spring.
Shearing in the garden:  roses, spireas, lavender, otto luyken, 
My pansies are now in the front beds, and some were left over for a few of the containers.
Toned down porch decor, pansies planted in front beds
The front porch has been toned down to just a few pumpkins now, and rearranged in and around the cast iron urn.  The fern previously in the urn was tossed, and the mums in containers were planted in the ground in the back landscape.
Final flora in the garden containers, landscape
Indeed, it's been a long, tall fall.  A beautiful fall. I'll be sorry to see the color go. We're expecting a hard freeze this weekend, and it could be 'the one' that makes the hydrangea leaves wither, and most of the tree leaves to drop.  

Will you be sad to see fall fall by the wayside too?


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