Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Friday Savings - Auction Deals!

Auction prices of late have not been what they used to be. Gavel prices have been closer to retail prices in the past 2-3 years. So, when my sister and I went to an auction on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, little did we know we were headed for Black Friday kinds of deals!
This seed box was wonderfully intact with original labels.  I brought it home, cleaned it up, and it's already in my sunroom. I was so excited to have this that I purged an entire shelf of magazines without even going through them first on my baker's rack in order to situate the box!
The next items I won will be added to my growing collection of Quimper. Look at these pieces!
There's a set of four small bowls (berry or nut?, two each of the female and male Breton figures), a larger nut or berry bowl for serving, a covered cheese dish with serving knife, and a 4-part handled serving dish.  When the auctioneer called them "KWimper" (as in rhyming with whimper), I thought perhaps I was in for a good deal, and I was correct. Click here for the story of my most recent Quimper pieces collected prior to these.

I won another set of dishes (oh, yes I did!): vintage Gabriel Porcelain (aka Winfield Pottery of Pasadena CA, circa 1929-1962), in the "Brown Summer" pattern. It's not complete (chop plate, below, plus place setting for 4+), but it will make a great tablescape (plus, I'll use them!), and the entire lot was cheaper than one package of paper plates! What's even cooler about this is the lot included an original salesman's flyer describing all the pattern choices at that time (likely dated mid to late 1950s, but without a copyright).
I think these newest dishes will go well with my vintage Japanese celadon tableware won at auction earlier in the year. :)

Yet another bargain: an oil on canvas landscape by listed artist Ludwig Klein. This is already hanging in my dining room. I am thrilled that Mr. P. agreed to replace the faded, 1980s magnolia print previously there.
The last of my Black Friday weekend auction deals was the beauty pictured below: a solid mahogany, 2-drawer, 2-door sideboard with glass top (covered with blanket in photo below). It is made by Finch Fine Furniture (circa 1920s-30s), the predecessor company to Thomasville.
My sister scored the matching, double glass door china cabinet with fretwork:
I would really like to keep my piece, but we may end up selling them together after the first of the year. This type of sideboard is one I have always wanted, to paint the lower portion and keep the surface in its original finish. I think I need a china cabinet more than the sideboard though, for all the dishes I would like to store and rotate on display. If any readers out there have selling points on the sideboard vs. china cabinet for dish storage, please voice them!

There were some other bargains at the auction on this day, but we decided to end our buying frenzy mid-afternoon. Hauling in items like these is a bit overwhelming, particularly the furniture pieces, when you're in the midst of holiday planning. It's nice to know we'll have pieces to set our spaces with after the new year, but hauling and storing in the meantime (my sister and her husband are saints) creates an unexpected albatross in the decor.

Have you scored any bargains lately, planned or otherwise?  For yourself, others, or for resale?

Happy Holidays! 
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