Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Frost Holiday Tablescape

Christmas Eve here at Panoply is the place and time my family gathers and celebrates with all who come home for the holidays. While most of the dinner is served buffet style, my family (with as many as thirty!) situates around various tables to enjoy their meal. The dining room seats eight comfortably, and is the focus of today's 'Winter Frost' table display.
Pfaltzgraff 'Winter Frost'
I am pleased as can be to be among the Blogger Christmas Series, sharing in the delights of the season, from my home to yours. Our host, Christine Graves of Rustic & Refined, has gathered a number of bloggers in the following series of dates for 2014, to bring you plenty of holiday inspiration: November 24th, December 3rd, December 8th, and December 15th. All links can be found on Christine's blog on the respective dates mentioned, so grab your tea or coffee and enjoy!
As part of this ongoing series, I am sharing a tablescape I use consistently during my family holidays, beginning with Christmas, and going into the remaining winter months. The Pfaltzgraff 'Winter Frost' pattern was gifted to me from my (now) husband while we were dating. My gift from him (affectionately known as Mr. P.) was originally service for eight.
'Winter Frost' table for eight
Of course, the basic place setting had many additional pieces that could accompany a beautiful table, and so the collection began. My table setting includes the 'Winter Frost' complementary water goblets and clear glass dessert plates, used here as salad plates (matching ceramic salads came with the original place setting).

My service grew to twenty-eight once I became host to my family. I love to attribute my love for dishes (this set is merely the tip of the iceberg) to the fact that Mr. P. enabled me many years ago. ;)
'Prelude' silver service
Including vintage and antique pieces among my tableware is a pleasure and benefit of my antiquing hobby, so my favorites are always used during the holidays. These items, including quadruplate, sterling silver, and crystal, are all curated from various estate sales, auctions and antique shops over the course of years.
Vintage crystal
Vintage silverplate wedding basket used for bread
Vintage condiment vessels
Decorations are kept to a minimum, only hinting at the holiday/winter season in the dining room, with subtle touches on the periphery.
Holiday touches in the dining room
The room is dressed simply and warmly, allowing the company and the meal to take center stage as the daylight hours slip away and the table is set.
The Dining Room, with subtle touches for the holidays
One of the things I like most about the 'Winter Frost' dinner pattern is its color and motif not being limited to the typical, more traditional holiday motifs (and colors), allowing it to easily transcend use beyond December. Mr. P's and one of my daughter's birthdays are in the deep winter months, and these dishes are nice to use for those events also.
'Winter Frost' collage
Dinnerware, water goblets, serving platter - Pfaltzgraff "Winter Frost" (discontinued)
Flatware - International Sterling Silver "Prelude"
Wine glasses - Longchamp "Diamax" and other vintage
Crystal water pitcher, decanter, napkin rings, condiment dishes - various, collected

If you've enjoyed this tablescape, I would love for you stay and browse my posts here at Panoply, and feel free to comment. You can type any key word, such as 'tablescape', 'holiday', 'garden', or 'booth space' to find some of my favorite topics on the blog. I'd also love you to join my circle of followers, whether by Google + or through email subscription.

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Happy Holidays! 

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