Saturday, January 31, 2015

Goodbye January, Hello February!

I'm not sure I'll ever understand what all the hoopla surrounding the month of January is about, but I'm certainly glad to see it come to an end this year. My sister posted one of those snarky cards on Facebook that pretty much sums it up: "January is like the Monday of the months". True. For me, it's been about nothing much more than undoing, taxes, and a virus - all very Monday-like topics.
Undoing was all about Christmas decor, of course. I spent so much time and effort on cleaning up my basement last summer, I actually resented putting boxes of things accumulated back into the basement after the holidays: unsold items for the antique mall spaces, a new, artificial tree (the old one's still there too), and a few other, new items. Apart from scaling things back both at home and the booth spaces, I've just let the starkness that is January take its cold grip on most decor themes.

Undoing is also the theme in a step closer to full retirement, as I've been working on year-end tax paperwork. There are plenty of i's to dot and t's to cross on each of the local, state and federal levels. I've been a Turbo Tax user for more than 15 years, and this year the software giant (Intuit) decided to trick users into having to upgrade software by eliminating key forms out of both the personal and corporate software packages in order to turn a fast buck. Not good, Intuit, not good, and I am NOT a happy customer.

Mid-January arrived and I got hit with a virus - not the Flu A or B, according to the swab test - just one of those, "you have to let it run its course" kinds of strains with aches, chills and a wicked cough. So much for getting anything productive started for the rest of the month. I've been a sloth ever since the first day it hit me. Three days later Mr. P had it. It's totally gross, especially when in the car together, windows rolled up, and we're both coughing.

Lest you think I'm nothing but sour on January, there were/are a few noteworthy celebrations in the month, including my former mother-in-law's 90th birthday. My daughters (her granddaughters) managed to pull off the sweetest surprise birthday party for her at her church. It was complete with a DJ playing big band tunes (and Granny danced!), lots of good food, and fellowship with old friends and family. Granny had just gotten over pneumonia prior to her big day. Here I was worried about her health, and I got sick two days after the party.
Mr. P's birthday is near the end of January. We've postponed the celebrating until one day early in February, though. That suits me just fine - February is much more worth celebrating, in my honest opinion.
I hope you've survived January - catching up on some good reads, staying well, and enjoying a little sunshine.
I have read every magazine in my backlog since September, along with a few books, have watched specials, sports and even started a new series or two on television (and I don't much care for sitting and watching TV). I am so ready for some motivation, and I have high expectations for February to deliver the key to that motivation.
What's your MO for getting through the month of January? Jumping into projects or just chillin'? Are you escaping the winter doldrums?

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