Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Decor Changes for Every Season

I love clipping and pinning inspiration ideas for my racing mind, and if you follow my blog (thank you!), you may also want to join my activity on Hometalk (click here, or the Hometalk button on my blog sidebar).

I just finished curating a board of 28 little decor changes with a big impact on Hometalk, and I invite you to explore some of those inspiring ideas by simply clicking on the collage image below. Once you're on the Hometalk link, you will see the board has each original source / creator of all the individual posts clipped there.  

Although it's labeled as 28, I expect I'll be clipping more and more to the original board, as I follow many bloggers - on their sites, their Hometalk pages, and other social media. I used past posts in my best efforts to encompass a good variety of seasonal and holiday touches. I also tried to keep it simple, so that no detailed level of skill (or money) is required. However, there are a few with some more advanced DIY skills included for those up for the challenge!

Here's an image of the board I just curated on little decor changes with a big impact:
28 little decor changes with big impact
Once you're at the linked page above, you can just click on the "FOLLOW" button below my photo, and you'll be following all of my activity on Hometalk, including ideas I've shared, along with those of others I'm following.  Or, you can choose to just follow the particular boards you're interested in, or start your own!

I have found Hometalk to be a very user-friendly way to not only clip ideas to boards, much like Pinterest, but to be able to engage with others through comments, messages, and even through posting questions, similar to Facebook. When you post an idea or question, the member community of both pros and amateurs jump right in, and help you find answers to your everyday home and garden dilemmas, and give you immediate feedback on projects you're sharing.  

Many thanks to those who are following me and supporting me, both here and on Hometalk.  We all help each other in blogland, and that makes for some great conversation and friendships, both virtual and real! Thanks, too, to the folks at Hometalk for inviting me to share others' talents!

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