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Jadeite Collection - Part 2 of 2: Tableware

I shared a part of my jadeite collection, the kitchenware, in my last post, as well as a sneak peek into the rest of my personal collection (see photo below). After reading Country Living's article in their March issue on collecting jadeite, I was prompted to pull mine out. Today I'm sharing the rest of my jadeite collection - the tableware - and setting the table.
I don't know of too many things that beckon spring any better than a table set with the happy color of jadeite! Whether or not the weather is moody, as on the day these photos were taken, the jadeite color just has a way of lifting the mood to happy, regardless of the sun being out or behind a cloud.
Jadeite Tablescape for Four
Oh my goodness, I love jadeite! I have collected it for nearly twelve years, mostly in random acquisitions from flea markets, antique stores, and fellow collector friends. My favorite line of dishes are Anchor Hocking's Fire King Restaurant Ware, because they are so nice and heavy. I have twelve dinner and salad plates, but fewer accompanying tableware items.
My Jadeite Tableware Collection, Other Smalls
The chili bowls in my collection were the only pieces I scored from eBay, in order to round out my collection of tableware for a decent number of place settings (six, equal to the number of D-handled mugs). I don't know if you've ever checked jadeite prices on eBay, Etsy or Ruby Lane, but they have been ridiculously expensive for several years. It is currently a seller's market for jadeite. The CL article I referenced above quotes some of the current pricing on jadeite pieces in the various patterns, by the various makers.
I already had a grocery store bouquet on hand, so I freshened the cuttings for my jadeite vase and set a table with my Restaurant Ware. A few other - not made for commercial use - jadeite patterns round out the tableware. The covered butter dish is also vintage Fire King, but in the milk glass (ivory).
The oval platter and creamer/sugar bowl with lid are the Jane Ray pattern. The vegetable bowls are in the Swirl pattern. The glass pitcher is vintage Blenko, the silverplate utensils and salt/pepper are also vintage, as are the tablecloth and napkins. The drinking glassware is everyday, contemporary with a faux bois (false wood) design.
All of my jadeite tableware is vintage and authentic. It is what I prefer to collect, but I am not a jadeite snob. There are many reproductions that are very attractive, even unusual. One such example I own is what's known as the "Bottoms Up" shot glass (not pictured, so as not to offend any readers). It has a female nude bent over a glass, the original from the Art Deco era. I know mine is a repro because of the heavy side seam from the glass mold, a telltale sign which I learned after buying (inexpensively). A couple other small items in my jadeite collection include the ink blotter and flower pot pictured (below).
Jadeite ink blotter, flower pot (upside down)
I love jadeite (I know, I already said that). In my mind, it is the perfect color choice for a cottage look. I think I'm subconsciously hoarding for my someday dream cottage. I'm consistently drawn to the soft colors of yellow, aqua, jadeite and white. I refer to them as my cottage colors. I even have a storage tub in my basement stash that's labeled "cottage pottery" in those colors. My guest bedroom and bath are done in those colors and I never tire of them.

As with my prior post, I am providing my recommended reference book for anyone interested in knowing more about jadeite. The caption on the photo below provides the link that will take you to the Amazon site for buying information. (As mentioned in my post prior, no compensation was received for any mentions or links).
Jadite, An Identification & Price Guide, by Joe Keller and David Ross
Is it just me, or do you love jadeite too? I'd love to hear from you. Tell me about your collection, whether you've scored some really good (or really bad) deals. Does it evoke the idea of what cottage looks like to you?

If you missed my first post on my jadeite collection, you can read about it here:
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Here is  another tablescape I did, incorporating my jadeite with a couple other lines of my china collections:
Spring Themed Luncheon Tablescape
Also, if you're interested in other tablescapes, mostly created with my vintage china collections, you can type the word "tablescape" in the search block on my sidebar, and several posts should appear. Thanks for your visit!
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