Sunday, March 29, 2015

Panoply Booth Space Expands - March 2015

Panoply has expanded its booth space in our local antique mall! During the last week of March, a small area just between our other two existing booth spaces was vacated by the previous dealer. With that vacancy came a long-awaited opportunity of occupying that small area and adding cohesiveness to our overall retail space. 
Panoply's newly added space, March 2015: +50 sq.ft.
While the additional space adds a mere 50 square feet in total rented space, its overall impact is huge in our eyes, bringing our total area of two spaces to just over 300 square feet. The photo below shows the macro view of one existing booth space, along with the additional square footage.
Macro view of expanded Panoply space: open floor space (L-shape) are aisles. Far right is service elevator, which is the back side of our other main booth space. Door visible is Employees Only layaway area.
We often referred to this space as the ponytail - it is very small in and of itself, but the previous dealer always had quality, primitive smalls showcased and was a great neighbor. She has now retired, and we didn't have any trouble filling the space by bringing in additional items already in storage.
Panoply Casual Linens, Thinned
The overall mix turned out to be a sort of farmhouse / industrial vibe. We started by thinning out our existing casual linens (above), and adding a portion of them to the new space (below), focusing on anything with reds.
Next, we stacked stools and added galvanized & wooden storage containers into the mix.
We did the same on the pegboard above, adding a mix of mostly metals and woods. 

Miner's lamp, galvanized lunch box
We then continued the metals, moving more into an industrial mix, with more stools, an antique commercial typewriter, architectural pieces and a mannequin form. We went back a couple days after the initial styling and added a couple of mid-century medical items into the mix to ultimately create a sort of quirky, steampunk twist to the industrial vibe.
Industrial mix: metals, medical and architectural pieces.
Lastly, we placed a garden table with more mixed metals in the form of hardware and architecture, and softened the overall appeal back to a farmhouse look, with textiles and glassware. The space to the right of the garden table is the door leading to the Employees Only area.
Garden farmhouse: wood, metals, wicker, hardware (spigots / faucets), mason jars, textiles
Panoply Expanded Booth Space - March, 2015
Even though the winter was slow-going at the mall insofar as sales were concerned, we took advantage of this opportunity to expand rather than passing on the chance, for the sake of strategy. We've re-energized our spirits and creative juices with this recent move, and hope it will lead to good things in the future.

We ended March with a weekend trip to Cincinnati to visit and shop with sister J. More of those treasures will be shared in an upcoming update to our booth spaces and/or my personal picks for fostering. ;)

Have you ever taken a risk with a decision - business or personal - in the hopes of future growth? 
As always, thank you for your visit!
Rita C. at Panoply

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