Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Flings Around the House

I must admit - I don't spend a great deal of time repeatedly decorating in my home. I keep things pretty simple (other than Christmas), mostly switching up textiles from season to season. However, I've made a few changes in anticipation of spring (coming soon!). You could call any of these changes my version of a spring fling - I'm having a few - around the house.
Pillow Talk Around the House - Winter transitioning to Spring 
If you asked Mr. P., of course, he would probably say I do a lot of decorating (anything more than once in a lifetime being the benchmark). Truth is, he's probably helped me edit my collections.
Consolidated Glass, Martele (hand-forged) line in the style of Lalique, "Love Birds" Vase, c. 1926. A keeper in our decor, 'picked' by Mr. P. on one of the few estate sales where he accompanied me.
Since I am a vintage and antique picker / dealer, I do like to find, buy, and bring items out for display while "fostering" them at home. It helps me determine which things will become keepers in my collections. When I finish fostering, or tire of part or all of a collection, I take it to the booth spaces for someone else to have the chance to add to theirs.

New vignettes are happening at home, some in high traffic areas....
Portions of Ironstone, Quimper Collections
Other vignettes are in less-trafficked areas of the house, quietly tucked away. I like having my books around the house, too, in places where I can easily go to choose one for reference or to relax and spend time reading. Books are a natural vignette, but I generally only display what I reference or am currently reading.
Spring Smalls Through the House
I don't want a lot of clutter (although I admit I have some of that, too). I just want a few pieces to surround myself with and be able to enjoy, whether walking through, working, or just sitting in the house.
Hand-hooked Spring Textiles from Local Artisan; Ma Maison-French Garden House 
I don't foresee a time when I'll tire of finding interest in new, old things. My latest loves are these altered art bottles, from two friends I've met through blogging.
Altered Art Bottles
The Madonna with Child I bought from Joy at Savvy City Farmer. The smaller bottle I purchased from Gigi of Old World Patina. I placed my altered art bottles in the sunroom. You may have noticed them beside my lemon plant propagation experiment. :) Also, the toss pillow covers in the leading photo (left side) were made and bought from Meg at Oliver and Rust. The green knitted throw is also a vintage find from her shop - all purchased last year, but just now being used. They're my latest flings vignettes.

What's your latest spring fling? Have you been to any flea markets, and have they just opened or are yours open year-round? Have you found items you're just fostering, or are they keepers?
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