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Fall Home Tour 2015

Welcome to Panoply's fall home tour 2015! With a change of textiles and various small items, creating new vignettes in the higher traffic areas, the house has gone from summer breeze to autumn "brr", as in all the months ending with "ber".
Although it took just one day devoted to rotating all the summer items out and fall items into display, my ideas started about a month ago. I took into account things I already had (mostly vintage or antique), then found a few new-to-me vintage things, along with a couple retail items on sale, to add to the mix. 
Our local farmers' market had a limited supply of pumpkins in early September, so I bought a few, along with an 8" mum with yellow buds. I'll switch the porch up when the more unusual varieties of pumpkins arrive. Then, later in fall, I'll plant the mum in my landscape, hopeful for its return in years following. The grapevine owls on the doors are a departure for me (I usually only do wreaths at Christmastime), so they may soon find their way to my girls' front doors. They add a little whimsy for now.
Decorating and styling, for me, is always a combination of old and new, high and low, which you will see throughout. Come on in!

With my sunroom being the space we use the most, I wanted to make it comfortable for both me and my guests. For me, that means pillows - lumbar pillows and/or large square ones to lean into, and typically one or the other as a lap pad, in order to raise my reading material to a comfortable level. For guests, that means plenty of seats with places to toss the pillows.
Golds, yellows, oranges and browns have replaced the cool blues and greens of summer; however, the outdoor rug remains for now, and takes on a more olive tone with the warmer-toned textiles in place. The heavier rug and throws will be making their appearances soon enough.

Last year I worked in more muted, Indian Summer tones overall, but I'm liking the mix of bright, fall color splashes this year.
Shadowplay throughout the course of the day varies greatly, as the sun starts tilting its way to a more southerly position with the season. You can see it in my sunroom photos, as they were taken at different times of the day, with various overhead lighting, shadowplay and backgrounds evident around the room.
The sideboard in the sunroom has my collection of white sweater pumpkins on an ironstone pedestal, while my lemon plants in the foreground await their next transplanting before winter.
Leading from the sunroom to the open kitchen area and into the dining room, several more autumn touches were added. Just outside the sunroom is our wet bar, used more often as a dessert bar and landing pad for keys and sunglasses in our home.
Part of my high and low mix: Dollar Tree and WalMart leaves and gourds were added to one of my velvet pumpkins in a wicker tray, along with collected pine cones from the neighborhood. The vintage candy treats jar is new (old), from Nancy's Daily Dish (hurry over and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate in her transferware shop by Sept 17th!), and sits alongside my vintage majolica butter keeper and plate. What's fall without candy corn? I love it mixed with peanuts too. 
Turning away from the wet bar, you find yourself looking straight into my dining room.
The ammo basket with cutting boards is sporting the Burberry cashmere scarf I bought at a June estate sale. The transferware tureen on the bar cart holds a burgundy velvet pumpkin and more leaves, while dried hydrangeas from the garden are in a silverplate wedding basket on the lower shelf (they're also in a loving cup on top of the curio in the opposite corner). Above the bar cart hangs an antique, framed sheep lithograph.
A look around the dining room plays out my harvest theme, including my oversized rooster and Windsor Ware platter, brown transferware, small wine wicker bottles, and deer sheds.
Another look at some of the vintage smalls within the dining room:
Our great room is a long, rectangular area, and I chose just one end of the room to share, closest to TV viewing. Out of frame are Mr. P.'s recliner on the right and a swivel bucket chair on the left, which can rotate either toward the TV viewing area, or to the conversational, seating area surrounding the fireplace (the opposite end of this rectangular room).
Smalls arranged and added to the great room can be seen a little closer in this collage below:
Our living room is used infrequently, but it is the first and last room seen when entering and exiting our home. I added my newest needlepoint pillow, which I sourced in Naples a few weeks ago, to my favorite overstuffed chair in the corner.
This is the chair I usually sit in while reading in this room and, on Halloween, while waiting for Trick or Treaters.
Heading upstairs, you're greeted with warm textiles on the landing, leading to the bedrooms. The chest stores out of season textiles.
Lastly, here's a collage look at the early September garden before the beds and containers will be cleared out. Many plants are still flowering and looking good, but just as many have reached a point of looking tired. My focus will soon shift from home to garden in the clean up efforts of fall.
Thank you for joining me today for my 2015 fall home tour. Fall inspiration is currently all around blogland with many opening their homes for tours, so be sure to visit all your favorite friends.
As always, thank you for your visit. It's a pleasure to have you here!

(A special thanks to Tammy at One More Time Events  and Jillian at Bella Rosa Antiques for featuring this post.) 
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