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Panoply Buys Junky Chic Boutique

Do all y'all (that's plural) know Amber from Junkaholics Unaminous? Well, she's a fellow blogger, and happens to practically be my neighbor, just about 65 miles west of me in Kentucky. Amber has maintained a vintage and antique booth space for about the last five years, most recently called Junky Chic Boutique. Amber contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if Panoply would be interested in purchasing her inventory - lock, stock and barrel - for one price.

By week's end, in a total of eight hours, 145 miles (round trip), two SUVs full, and one check later, it was a done deal! Here is what Amber's booth space looked like, for the most part (minus that cool mirror on the right), in the photo below.
Junky Chic Booth in KY
My sister, M, and I were prepared to knock out the work at hand quickly. Amber met us at the shop, which was our first real life encounter other than virtual interactions via blogging and Facebook friendships. She showed us the boundaries of her things (we exchanged emails the week leading up to the move), and then off Amber went.
Panoply Meets Junky Chic - Rita and Amber
My sister and I work very well together. In just about two hours, we had everything packed up. Following are a couple collage shots of Amber's stock which we acquired, pictured in her signature Junky Chic styling.
Junky Chic Booth Displays, Prior to Sale
Junky Chic Booth Vignettes, Prior to Sale
She had some really cool stuff, including two great folding screens (the one with four panels has burlap on one side, tole painting on the reverse; the other folding screen is cane and wood, in a whitewash finish. She also had three mannequins, each unique and each styled differently. There were several small furniture and display items, and many, many smalls.

Our cars were filled to the max, expertly and efficiently packed, with nothing left behind. My car (left frames in collage photo below) carried mostly the smalls, and sister M's car (right frames in collage photo below) carried the bigger display pieces and small furniture.
Junky Chic Stock, Packed and Ready to Roll
Our job wouldn't be finished until we separated all stock among the three Panoply sisters and, because sister J was coming to town the following weekend, we prepared for that. We set all the stock up at home (M's home, where her Mr. is okay with stuff). Photos were sent to J before, during and after the transaction so she could be pretty well versed with the inventory. Below is a collage of how we arranged items for what Mr. P. refers to as incestuous shopping (per Google, meaning "...excessively close and resistant to outside influence"). Essentially, it's where one person pays for a bulk purchase, and then we, one by one, 'buy' (select) what we want, until it's all separated. We do this because we each manage and sell our own items under separate dealer numbers in the antique mall, but style it together.
Junky Chic Stock, at Home
In Amber's photos of her booth space in the photo above, you saw the half mannequin styled. The photo below is a fairly good recreation of how she had the other two mannequins styled. Cute, aren't they? If all goes well in the next couple of weeks, we'll be placing at least the half mannequin in one of our booth spaces, styled differently for a new theme we're creating. Stay tuned for that in an upcoming post.
Junky Chic Mannequins, Recreated at Home
It took another eight hours once sister J was in town to do our incestuous round robin shopping, but we got it done, just in time to call it a day and participate in our community yard sale the next morning.

It may be sometime after the new year before we really rock our booth spaces with much of Amber's inventory, as we're about to tackle the holiday decor next. In the meantime, here's a look of a mannequin we already had in our booth spaces (not from Amber), dressed for Halloween.
Panoply: October 2015 Mannequin Display
Just like I said in the last post I published, Buy / Sell / Find / Keep / Binge / Purge, Repeat. We've purchased in large lots previously, and even hosted a living estate sale, but never transacted anything like this before - have you?

I simply can't thank Amber enough for contacting me for this transaction. It was a good fit for us, and worked well for Amber, too. Amber, be well, my friend, and thank you for being a friend! I sure hope some sucker(s) person(s) will be as interested in buying our stuff in similar fashion from our booth spaces when we decide to throw in the towel. What a way to do it! Wham, bam thank you, ma'am!

If you'd like to see how Panoply's booths are currently styled, my most recent post is here. For more posts, you can type the words, "booth spaces", "booths" (or any other keywords) in the search block above my profile on the right sidebar of my blog, and related posts should appear for your viewing.

As always, I appreciate your visit! 
Rita C. at Panoply
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