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Miss Luna C's Autumn Joy

For the background on this series of related posts, you can read all about the makings of the Traveling Totes Tribe here. Since we last traveled, my tote (Miss Luna C) and I have immersed ourselves in autumn joy!
Farmers' Market Selection for the Garden's Last Days
Several trips to the local farmers' market yielded some fun times (and finds) that would assure my home and garden of keeping some fall color long after the perennials faded.
Miss Luna C at the Farmers' Market
I always trek to the market for mums and gourds, as well as seasonal fresh food choices. Our Capitol Market has thrived for nearly 20 years as part of our Urban Renewal Authority's efforts to help sustain our local agrarian efforts and to revive an old rail yard that was once part of our city's original growth. The outdoor market is open year round, and the inside of the former rail station is home to local eateries and shops, and is also the site of our city's visitor's center.

On one of my trips to the market, I met my oldest daughter who works in town, and we had lunch at the Capitol Market. Afterward, she shopped with me to make selections for my outdoor fall decor. Of course, Miss Luna C was right beside me on the excursion.
Throughout October, Miss Luna C was accompanied my husband (Mr. P.) and I on a couple of day trips throughout our home state of West Virginia, to take in more autumn joy.

My home state of West Virginia is all about the hills. Besides hiking and biking, there are many things to do for the more adventurous at heart, some of which we've enjoyed (you can type adventure in the search block above my profile picture on the sidebar and a few of those posts will come up for your viewing).
Stonewall Resort and Lake, WV
One thing neither of us had ever tried before, though, was driving a boat, even though we live alongside a river in the capital city. Well, that all changed with a fun trip to one of our state parks, Stonewall Jackson Resort. This area is, in fact, where the Civil War's Confederate General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born and raised (when previously a part of the state of Virginia).

With a quick briefing on the lake's conditions (low water, wake zones) and how to operate the boat, off we went along the lake, pretty much having the beautiful day and lake to ourselves.
Miss Luna C on the lake
We each took turns at the helm, and I was up first (so if we wrecked out of the dock, it was to be my fault).
Then, once on the open waters, Mr. P. took the helm. We had a blast!
One thing we both decided afterward was a confirmation of what we thought going into the adventure - the best boat to have at one's disposal is someone else's. :) When we arrived back at the dock, all we had to do was turn over the keys. We didn't even have to fill up the tank.
One last, very important role Miss Luna C played in October was to be part of the drama on Trick-or-Treat eve, as the vessel for the ingredients that would inevitably cast spells on all the other little witches, goblins and ghouls that dared to stop by.....
As October comes to a close, it is with a certain melancholy to see the trees go bare, the garden be tucked in for a long nap, and the little goblins all scamper away until next year. It is, however, also a time to look forward to yet another episode of the Tales of the Traveling Totes. Be sure to come back on December 15th and see what the girls have been up to by then. I'm sure we'll all be busy preparing for the holidays. ;)
Also, to have a chance for winning her giveaway as part of the Tales of the Traveling Totes series, be sure to stop by Sarah's blog @ Hyacinths for the Soul  It's a gift card to Starbucks - no trick, only treats! All you have to do is visit her blog, and leave a comment, letting her know you were there. You can go straight there with the link I've provided - it's that simple!
Sarah's Giveaway @ Hyacinths for the Soul
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Until our next adventure, thank you for traveling along. It's a pleasure to have your company and visit! 
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