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Panoply: 'Chris Missy', Holiday Booths 2015

Panoply started its 2015 holiday decor staging on October 20th in three booth spaces, while many of the dealers in the antique mall were still focused on Halloween. Sister M and I were excited this year to set the staging with our creative effort, which came together in early October, and we now call 'Chris Missy' (photo below).
'Chris Missy' Panoply Creation
Our 'Chris Missy' Christmas holiday tree was to be our central focus in our main booth space (and is priced for sale). With a few moves of a large cabinet from this space's corner to the back side of the louvered bifold behind her (the area we recently dubbed the back porch), we had the makings of our holiday styling in place.
Panoply Christmas 2015 "Living Room" Space
A very nice, vintage wool area rug was placed on the floor of this space (a convenient, 4' x 6' size). We hung greenery on the faux fireplace, and added bows and candles to the primitive chandelier. Other small decor items were scattered throughout, including vintage skates and holiday-themed prints, just enough without screaming Christmas.

We quickly moved on to the next large vignette we wanted to stage, which was based around the circa 1800s buggy bench sister J had recently purchased from our dealer friend's living estate (see pictured below).
Antique buggy bench
The bench was a little too long for the area originally targeted, so we settled for another high traffic corner of another of our spaces - the area we currently refer to as the keeping room - on top of the petite dining table. Another pair of vintage ice skates hangs on the chair on the left, while several related items to winter travel of old surround the buggy.
Panoply Christmas 2015 "The Keeping Room"
A closer look at the buggy vignette detail shows an old quilt on the seat, as well as a buggy booster seat of old. This, too, came from our dealer friend's estate - unique and all original - with its carpet-stretched seat. Some of these, back in the day, would also have had another piece of carpet stretched on the lower frame, to create a shelf for travel storage. Two other luxuries for early days of travel would have been the foot warming stone and sleigh bells (on the table). The romanticism of this vignette almost makes me wish for snow. Almost.
Panoply Christmas 2015 Buggy Vignette
The last main area we staged for the holidays was the table on which we had hoped to place the buggy bench, situated in the booth we call the encampment space (below).
Panoply Christmas 2015 "Encampment" Space
With the surface area of the table being too narrow for the bench, we made this the staging area for another, smaller tree we use for display purposes only. On the table now are a couple (original) packages of vintage ornaments, along with an antique, parlor croquette set. Below the table is the chippy sled sourced during Panoply's Longest Yard Sale trip, a third pair of vintage ice skates, and crazy quilted pillows in a basket.

We also made efforts in terms of textiles, adding holiday linens, both casual and formal, which are easy to spot with the pops of red and green throughout.
Panoply Christmas 2015 Casual Linens
We also switched out all the vintage, summery hats for winter styled hats.
Panoply Late Fall 2015 Vintage Winter Hats
We had a ruffled, burlap tree skirt (new, not vintage) to possibly style our 'Chris Missy', but nixed it in the end, simply placing it in a vintage lingerie suitcase with a a few other neutrals.
Panoply Christmas 2015 Burlap Ruffled Tree Skirt, Turkey Platter
More holiday decor and gift items are yet to fill out our holiday vignettes around the trees, but we did unwrap and set many items already. The collage below captures most of those items staged so far.
Panoply Christmas 2015 Vintage Decor Collage
Needless to say, October was probably one of the busiest of Panoply's history, We did some major buying, purging, styling and creating during the month. We try not to refuse any formidable opportunities, as we are never sure when the pickin' will be slow, or when personal commitments will get in the way trump our time we dedicate to our antiquing hobby. I have yet another buying opportunity we were invited to at the end of October, and I'll be sharing it, but we're still negotiating.
Panoply Christmas 2015 Various Vignettes Collage
Panoply Christmas 2015 Main Booth Space
I'll be publishing a post on how we created 'Chris Missy' in a couple of days, so be sure to check back if you're interested in the step-by-step tutorial and ideas used. The concept of this tree is not new, as there are many of these type trees styled by others, whether you check Pinterest, read blogs, or visit major retailers such as Anthropologie. I'll be sharing how we created ours so you can see just how basic (or elaborate) you can develop the concept.

As mentioned before in posts of this nature (where we style our antique mall booth spaces), you can read more on this theme by typing keywords such as 'booth spaces' in the search block above my profile picture on my sidebar. A number of prior posts should come up for you to scroll and read at your leisure.

As always, your visits, comments and loyal readership are welcome, and much appreciated!
Rita C. at Panoply
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