Sunday, January 24, 2016

Things Always Seem Better in the Morning

Things always seem better in the morning, at least that's how I feel. This is the view from our little balcony porch this Sunday morning (which I cleaned at least three times between Friday and Saturday afternoon, when the snow finally stopped). The moon was full and the capitol building can be seen across the river, in the distance.
Capitol and Full Moon, Dawn after #Snowpocalypse2016 Jonas, January 24, 2016
We ended up with just somewhere around 18" of snow in a 24 hr period. My biggest worry was losing power, but if there was any silver lining to this big snow cloud, ours was in the fact that we got the light, fluffy snow (no sleet before, no heavy, wet snow during).

I was a worry wart the entire day Friday, watching local, live news cams driving around the city. Our interstates can be treacherous, winding through and around our hills, and three major roads (I-64, I-77, and I-79) intersect here. Wrecks and car fires (people trying to gun their way through the snow) were common on all three major roads. Hundreds of tractor trailers were backed up as the major interstates were closed for highway crews to safely plow. My RN daughter has worked the entire weekend, sharing a hotel room with fellow nurses the past two nights, while her fire chief husband was called out to duty from his normal day off. I respect their work ethic immensely.

I finally distracted myself awhile late Friday afternoon by baking cookies. These are Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.
Absolutely, just two crazy people together in #Snowpocalypse2016
The recipe is from the blog, Dishing Out Health, and its creator is a registered dietician whom my daughter met while studying at FSU. The cookies include whole goodness ingredients, like oatmeal flour, coconut oil and coconut palm sugar. They taste even better the next day after baking (see, things always seem better in the morning).
Whole Ingredients for Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, we decided to tackle clearing some snow. We made a path from the front of house to the street, from house to garage, outside of our double car garage doors, and cleared the balcony. It may not look like a lot of work accomplished, but it kicked our butts.
#Snowpocalypse2016 Jonas Cleanup
There's just no place to put this snow, and our street is not one which normally gets plowed, as we live on the flat section of town. Letting the solar power in the next few days help melt some of the rest of this seems to be our best option for the time being.
Today we plan to get back to our walking routine. We'll be taking our Leki trekking poles, for sure, because this stuff is hard to walk through. No matter the obstacles, things always seem to look better in the morning. I hope the rest of the east coast is weathering Jonas with relatively few obstacles.

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