Monday, October 3, 2016

Panoply Booth Quick Changes: Transitions to Fall

Sales of some big items in our antique mall spaces were relatively brisk during August, leading to some quick changes since our prior space re-dos (shown here). It's always great when large items sell, not only money-wise, but also in floor space real estate (which also translates to money but, more importantly, clearing storage space at home).
Panoply September 2016 - Framed Leaded Art Glass Fireplace Screen & Mirror - Fresh Estate Picks
The above vignette is currently how the center wall of our main booth appears. From the angle I typically take photos, the store's lights reflecting in a mirror the size of the one pictured are nearly impossible to block out. Both the mirror and fireplace screen came from an upscale estate pick in Union, Ky. Panoply sisters J & M handled three private estate picks while I was on vacation much of August.
Detail of Fireplace Screen
The leaded, art glass fireplace screen was custom-made by a Frenchman in Cincinnati. Extremely heavy in a wooden frame, this is a beautiful piece, especially when backlit.

The faux fireplace previously occupying this central area sold in early August, before I left town.
Faux Fireplace - SOLD!
With school resuming in mid-August, we decided on a quick change resembling an old school vignette to fill the void left by the faux fireplace.
Retractable Map - SOLD! 
The little chair in the vignette above has a before and after story. It was picked up by sister J when we were shopping back in July at a thrift store, obviously some sort of cobbled make-do from what appeared to be parts of a table and chair spliced together. Sister M did a makeover on it. She stabilized the two-board seat, milk painted it, and then made a cushion using vintage ticking fabric.
Before and After of Chair Makeover
The map from the old school vignette sold in August, as did more furniture. Right after the map sold, a primitive walnut corner cabinet sold, prompting a long-standing farmhouse cabinet sitting next to the school vignette to be moved and fill its void.
Walnut Corner Cabinet - SOLD!
Which then led to bringing in a new (old) curio cabinet in the space left by the farmhouse cabinet move.
Panoply, September 2016 - Curio Cabinet with Jadeite
I filled the cabinet with some of my jadeite, and several pieces of it sold the same afternoon, so more were brought in. I am in love with the rendering of "The Calmady Children" in almost any form, seen as a bisque plaque on the top shelf of the curio (above and below). You can see another form of it in a prior purchase of it (a keeper) here. I also purchased (and sold) a very large framed litho reproduction of it several years ago.
Detail Upper Section of Curio Cabinet
 In another booth, more furniture sold in August.
Clockwise: Small Table & Chairs, Asian Cabinet, Sideboard - ALL SOLD!
The Asian cabinet (bottom right corner of above collage photo) was the longest-standing piece staged in this particular booth space. When it sold, we shuffled things around, and brought in the single drawer sideboard, a nice vintage piece. It sold quickly, so we brought in the small table and chairs. It was a perfect small apartment size, and someone else must've thought the same thing, perhaps a college student?
Panoply Primitive Additions for Early Fall 2016 Vignette
By the time the table and chairs sold, I was on vacation. Sister M staged the above vignette - a primitive sleigh bench on top of a small Duncan-Phyfe table. Various primitive smalls were staged with it (stepladder, quilt, rolling market basket with rag rug spilling, a scoop, wooden pitcher, stool and chair pads in a wire carrier), making for a nice early fall look.

We made a few changes since in said space, and the area currently looks like this (below):
Panoply Formal Space - September, 2016 - Bookcase, End Tables, Lamps, Fan New Additions
The bookcase against the shutter and shelf unit is a new (old) piece, acquired from a Cleveland estate, the second of the three estate picks my Panoply sisters completed while I was out of town. On the wall above the settee is a really nice Victorian fan.
Victorian Lace and Hand-Painted Wood Fan, Framed in Shadowbox 
It was hard to capture the intricacies of this late 1800's hand-painted beauty made of wood and lace, but its shadowbox frame showcases it very well. It belonged to the grandmother of the estate owner.

While September proved slower in sales, we Panoply sisters busied ourselves with dividing the haul from the three estates my sisters handled (picked) from August. After unloading most of my share, my basement is in total disarray again. I'm even still carrying around a large item in my car, ready for the next big ticket item to sell in the mall spaces, lol. In the meantime, while toggling moves at the mall and maintaining things on the home & garden front, somewhere in between I'm hosting a baby shower and attending two out-of-town weddings. Oh yea, and Christmas is less than 90 days away.

Are you finding the transition of seasons a particularly busy time too?
Rita C. at Panoply

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