Sunday, October 9, 2016

Shopping Vintage: Metro Atlanta GA

While in the Atlanta area in late September for a family wedding, I took advantage of some vintage shopping. Want to go virtual shopping? Let's go!

First stop was Architectural Accents on Piedmont Road in Atlanta. Oh boy!
While I didn't make any purchases in here, I knew it was going to be special right when I walked in and was greeted by a carousel horse.
Clearly, this is  a haunt for designers as well as end users. You can find just about anything you'd be looking for to make a period-accurate restoration or renovation, or make a new build look older with character pieces. It was incredible to see so many pieces of everything from door handles to doors themselves, corbels, grates, fences, lighting, and yes, even kitchen sinks.
From Architectural Accents, I made my way to Buckhead Thrift Store but, again, did not purchase anything. Home items were discounted 50% the day I was there, but I just didn't find anything I had to have.

Onto to Marietta and the Classy Flea I went. Most items were very reasonably priced, but I had a few reasons to show restraint. First, I was traveling with Mr. P., and remember...he does not like stuff, so coming back to his car with a huge load was undesirable from either of our standpoints. Second, it was hotter than blue blazes the days we were in town, and I didn't really want to exert myself too much in handling. Lastly, my sisters and I had just divided three estates the week before this trip. I have so much stuff from that divide boxed away in my basement, and it's making me feel a little anxious knowing I need to sort it all out, clean, price, etc.
Some of the items that piqued my interest while at the Classy Flea are shown in the photo above. Can you guess which items I picked? (Answer comes later in post). I left without buying anything the first day.

The next day, I went to the Marietta Antique Mall. It's a relatively newer shop, based on my conversation with the owner (open just over 2 years). It was fun just looking at some of the dealers' displays (nice). Below are a couple that caught my eye.
The photo above is one dealer's booth, split into two frames. He/she had some cool things, and I liked how they were styled, and season appropriate.
The photo above is two separate dealers' items, but I really liked them all. I could've easily purchased all of it, but there was no discounting incentive for either. Look how cute those terracotta mugs are on the French country table on the right!

So, what did I purchase in this store? Just a couple of items that will be good for our seasonal Derby displays next year are all I took home. The item on left is a horse head hook mounted on salvaged wood, and the horse on the right is cast iron - quite handsome, I thought.
After seeing all I wanted to see and having time to think through what I really wanted, I went back to the Classy Flea. I asked the store's policy on discounting (always a good idea, by the way. You can usually get a better deal if you offer to pay cash and, in my case, bundle items from one dealer). Together with cash and bundling, I was able to score a better deal than sticker price. Of the collage above? Here are the things I ended up buying (see check marks on photo below).
No, I didn't buy the desk, but I did buy the lamp sitting on it. Check out the ram's head detail, which I love!
I also purchased the oil painting of the rooster. It measures 24" x 28" in its heavy, ornate framing. It is signed, but I haven't tried to research it yet. The dealer noted it was from an upscale estate in Atlanta, and the woman's home was impeccably styled with French country accents, she said.
I bought this pitcher and glasses set also. Surprised? Yea, me too. I rarely buy glass, but I liked the weight, the shape, and the coloring of this set. Plus, the price was right. It's marked 'P' on the bottom of each piece - any of my readers know the brand trademark? It stumped me.
So, I passed on that beautiful inlaid wooden desk, and the ceramic rooster pair. I already have a rooster larger than those in my dining room, and Mr. P. hates it, so I decided not to hassle with that, and the chance I might be stuck with them if they didn't sell.

However, I did buy a couple more things. If you know me, you get three guesses as to what they are, and the first two guesses don't count.
If you guessed dishes, you're right! The rooster salads are Limoges, and were part of the bundling with the oil painting (same dealer, and sourced from the same estate). The cabbage luncheon plates are Bordallo Pinheiro, and were too good a price to pass.
That's it for my purchases and virtual shopping in the Metro Atlanta area, but here's a quick glance at a couple items that came from my portion of the estates my sisters' picked:
The mirror (17" x 21") and buffet lamp came from the same estate as a few items we already have styled in our space at the antique mall now. You can see those pieces here (a larger mirror, leaded glass fireplace screen, framed Victorian fan).

Thanks for virtually shopping with me. Did you see anything you liked, or would have chosen for yourself? Leave your comment* (see note below) and let me know what you tend to look for, or what draws your attention when vintage shopping. The hardest part for me is deciding what to keep awhile and what to sell already, once I do make a decision to buy vintage items.
Note: Readers, I'm not sure what's happening with Google+/Blogger, but about 10 days ago, I stopped getting notifications of comments on all my posts. Hopefully the tech team there will remedy the situation soon, but know that I am not intentionally overlooking your comments. I'll look into alternatives if the issue doesn't self-correct soon.
(A special thanks to Diana of Adirondack Girl at Heart's Vintage Charm #53 for featuring this post!) 
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