Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Naples to North Pole: Palm Frond Reindeer

While pulling out wrapping paper for Christmas gifts, I had totally forgotten about a palm frond I picked up on a trip to Naples, FL last spring. Literally, picked up off the ground and stowed in my carry-on to bring home. I had plans!
A little free-hand pencil sketching, a few craft paints, and about 15 minutes later....a palm frond reindeer!
I added a piece of baker's string on the back of each antler with duct tape, but you could just as easily punch a hole and knot the string through the antlers.
The sunroom is where I decorate with a little more whimsy than other areas of the house, so I hung the reindeer on my leaded glass windows, but there was too much reflection with all the windows.
Then, I took him to the laundry/powder/mud room, where I also decorate with whimsy, and hung the reindeer on the back of the door with a grain sack. It's a little too dark in there.
I ended up hanging the palm frond reindeer on the thermostat against the brick wall in the sunroom, above a Build-a-Bear Santa daughter #2 made on her first job there in 2004. With a little sled and light string pillow, it's just right.
What an easy little craft, turning a palm frond into a reindeer, especially for those of you who live where palm trees sway!
Rita C. at Panoply

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