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Traveling Totes: Fall Fun, Another Giveaway!

Hello from this little corner of the world, and welcome to another installment of the Traveling Tote tribe. This is installment #9! For the background on this series of related posts, you can read all about the makings of the Traveling Totes Tribe here
Before I get too far, we all know Christmas is coming, and our tribe is sharing our holiday spirit with you, our readers, with a chance to win a MacKenzie-Childs glass ornament. Be sure to see the details of the ornament giveaway at the end of this post!

Since we last gathered and shared our travels in September, things have quieted down considerably for me, Miss Luna C and Miss Charley C (for those of you not familiar, yes, my totes have names). After spending three weeks trekking all over the US in August, my latest travels took me out of town for two separate family wedding weekends. One wedding was in Atlanta (late September), and the other in Houston (early November). Though Miss Luna C and Miss Charley C did not actually make appearances at the weddings, they got around in each town visited.

In Atlanta, while visiting the Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Miss Charley C thought she'd make a great addition to a few of the installations.
Miss Charley C among Green Hornets and Waterdrops, Neodymium Reeds
Miss Charley C with Earth Goddess and Fiori Boat and Niijima Floats

Me and Miss Charley C, Water Mirror with Saffron Tower
On the flight to Houston, Miss Charley C was getting some crazy ideas, and thought she wanted to astronaut!
Yes, we visited the Johnson Space Center while in Houston, and got to tour the National Historical Landmark, Mission Control Center.
Mission Control is, of course, where the communication and brain power behind some of  the most famous human space travels for Gemini and Apollo flights were commandeered. With less than the equivalent of 6MB (that's nearly the same size as some of my inidividual photos!), in IBM computer technological storage power (hello slide rules and calculators!), we landed the first men on the moon in 1969 AND brought them home safely!
Apollo 11 1969 crew: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and....Miss Charley C? "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
Uh oh...Houston, we have a problem. Did you know Miss Charley C was planning to be on that Apollo 13 mission, but got replaced??
Apollo 13 1970 crew: Jame Lovell, Jr., John Swigert, Jr., Fred Haise, Jr. and ....Miss Charley C?? The actual statement to account for the problem on that flight:  "Ok, Houston, we've had a problem here".
In her dreams! She wished she was part of those Apollo missions 11 and 13 and the current day hall of fame for all those astronauts, located in the Rocket Park at the Space Center. That's where there's an actual Saturn 5 rocket housed, along with other rockets that propelled men and women into space.
Apollo Hall of Fame and Saturn 5 Rocket at Rocket Park
Miss Charley C also got a taste of what our future space program will be in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (below). There, we got to see the Orion capsule (the proposed vehicle to take us to Mars), as well as the Canada Arm (robot with human-like dexterity), and rovers being tested for future use in space. Miss Charley C hovered along the catwalk, wistfully.
Space Vehicle Mockup Facility
After all that work, before leaving the Houston area, Miss Charley C was up for some playful entertainment.
No, not the zoo....just a great little animation, outside the Rain Forest Cafe at a nearby mall. ;)

Now that that we're home, my focus is shifting to local and online shopping with deals everywhere you turn. Sister M and I had a day of shopping our Capital City Art & Craft Show the weekend before Thanksgiving, and boy, did we have fun! I think Santa had a little too much fun, to be honest, literally pulling us into his workshop for a photo op. The Art & Fair was sponsored by our local Lions Club, helping various charities, and the photo booth was for the Gabriel Project, so it was all good.
I mentioned Christmas is coming, and we traveling totes members took advantage of summer's travels to further our friendship among ourselves with an ornament exchange in a secret swap fashion. We each were given a name, and sent our traveling tribe member an ornament from either our recent travels or one representative of our home region. FUN! My present arrived in traveling tote style, all wrapped in classic black & white.
My secret swap buddy was Debbie from Mountain Breaths, and she gifted me the two sweet ornaments below from her Adirondack region. Debbie particularly enjoys her family's cabin during season, which she has many memories of with her parents, and now shares with her own family members. Thank you, Debbie, I will certainly enjoy these ornaments, and will think of you and our tribe's friendship each time they're unwrapped for the season!
Speaking of ornaments, and Debbie.......
The Traveling Tribe is offering another giveaway. Debbie @ Mountain Breaths is our sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Debbie's December 1 post will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win the following:

Our giveaway is a fabulous MacKenzie-Childs' glass acorn ornament in the ever-classic Courtly Check pattern. It's perfect from fall through all of winter. Be sure to stop at Debbie's and leave your comment to enter the giveaway.

Congratulations to our winner, Kitty, of Kitty's Kozy Kitchen, which Debbie announced here!

Until our next adventure (coming March 1, 2017), thank you for traveling along. It's a pleasure to have your company and visit!
Where have all the other Traveling Tote tribe members been of late?  Check them out at the links conveniently located below.
Emily and Miss Courtly Childs @ The French Hutch

Catch Miss Luna C's and Miss Charley C's earlier adventures by clicking on Traveling Totes under the drop-down menu bar 'Travel' header (top of blog), and you'll find all those posts. Thank you coming along on our tribe's adventures!

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