Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What Makes Me Happy

Happy first day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

Today I am casting my net of virtual blogging friendship a little further in a collaborative series titled "What Makes Me Happy", hosted by Ron of The Uptown Acorn.

Without sounding trite or redundant, let me simply state how appreciative I am of the blogging relationships I have been able to nurture over the past four and a half years.
  1. feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure.

    "the team is very appreciative of your support"

    synonyms:grateful for, thankful for, obliged for, indebted for, in someone's debt for

Whether you are a casual reader here on my blog, or one of many whom I have had conversations with via loyal readership comments and/or emails, you all contribute to the happiness that comes from engaging with each post I write and pictures I assemble for the posts.
I hope you'll stop over at Ron's blog today and read about the other important facets of life and living that instill happiness within my being. In the process, I hope you meet and greet new friends, either among Ron's circle over there or back here among mine. Many friends within our circles overlap, as you will soon find among bloggers. The capacity for friendships in blogging is only limited by the time one has to devote to readership and commenting. If you are a new reader referred from Ron's blog series and you find the topics I share here on my blog common to your interests, I hope you'll return again. Your readership and comments are always invited!

Rita C. at Panoply

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