Friday, March 16, 2018

Panoply New Booth Vignettes Early 2018

As with my Panoply shopping for early 2018, I haven't posted any updates to our antique mall booths for 2018 until now. The last time I updated was with our holiday styling last November! A lot has happened since then, but I won't bore you with all the in betweens. I'll just share how we're currently set for spring 2018.

Our farmhouse corner space has a new look with some not-so-spring chickens that have come to roost in the cabinet.
There's also a smattering of farm animals on the four-square cubby against the wall, along with some stools and wooden containers (crates, cart, and tool box).

Okay, maybe there is some evidence of a spring chick or two in a cabinet curio nearby.
Segueing into our adjacent space, we're keeping with a crossover of farm, utilitarian, and soon-to-be more garden things in the coming week. This garden hutch will likely be tricked out with lots of garden items, but we try to 'expose' new items when just arriving, and this hutch came in just last week.
Pictured below is how the aisle appears, stretching as the boundary across two of our spaces. You can see between the photo shoot below and above, we'd already started adding things to the once 'exposed' garden hutch.
The green wicker cart on the aisle is home to our selection of old hardware right now. This stuff is popular with many shoppers, whether they're refurbishing old furniture and need replacement parts, or for those who like to repurpose old hardware into other things.
Rounding the corner, from the garden hutch, enter if you dare. It gets a little cluttered. Together with the garden hutch on the aisle, our shutter and shelf divider sort of reigns in the various things found in here. It's hard to tell what you might find in here: old tools, sewing items, kitchen utensils, stools, and containers. It's a crap shoot, and it's the most likely place where 'leftovers' go whenever we're styling vignettes. 
Seen below, this wall is to the left of the shutters and shelves, and restores a bit of order to things in this space with our casual linen rack and more.
Primitive utilitarian baskets and tools, along with a little Easter vignette on the wicker shelf.
Canning and other kitchen smalls are styled below the wicker shelf, with a hint of a gardening vignette to come.
Across the aisle from the garden hutch and casual linens is our mantiques section. 
The curio cabinet against the wall (directly across from the casual linens) has been there for a few years, with optimal visibility from the mall's front entry aisle. It houses various smalls, not just mantiques. Here's a glimpse of what's currently available in the curio.
The corner of the mantiques aisle (directly across from the garden hutch) has our 2018 Derby vignette(s). Derby and hunt, the lines are blurred, and we typically take springtime (near the annual Derby) as an opportunity to showcase all things equestrian.
The equestrian items we garnered this year seemed to spill over to the wall behind the washstand surface where we started our styling.

This old Barnum litho found its way from auction, just as the circus was winding down its 146 year history with its final tour in 2017.
The corner cabinet in the mantiques booth....
Our last space to show is always what we refer to as our main booth. We moved the low, curio floor showcase over to the farmhouse corner (shown near beginning of this post), opening this space up for a change.
The antique rocking chair in this space was taken completely apart and reupholstered by my sister, M.
Here's a before and after shot. The rocker's no longer musty, dirty and old; it's now clean, fresh and new-old.
During the first quarter 2018, we've sold several pieces of furniture that were previously in our main space alone: a chandelier, an antique dresser with mirror, a diminutive console table, a bookcase, and an end table. A couple other pieces of furniture sold in our other spaces, including a desk and industrial cart. All are pictured in the collage below.
Several smalls are also selling, including those pictured below, along with our vintage linens, a staple in our inventory.
We're off to a good start for 2018. We hope you'll plan a visit to our antique mall soon. Panoply is located in the South Charleston Antique Mall at 617 D Street, South Charleston, WV.  It is an easy on/off from I-64 at Exit 56.

Thanks for coming along for a virtual tour of our latest offerings. Feel free to leave your comments. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Rita C. at Panoply

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