Monday, January 22, 2018

A Purge Proposal

I'd really like your feedback on something I'm thinking about doing in 2018. 
I would like to do some purging, as I do each year. I have previously participated in the 40 bags in 40 days lenten challenge for mostly clothing and housewares. Sometimes dropping off at the local charities just isn't quite the way I like to purge (but I still do). I was thinking, over the course of 2018, to purge some of my vintage stash of inventory, only this time give you, my readers, a shot at my 'stuff". Free. No strings attached. Giveaways. No sponsors other than me (remember, I'm a non-revenue producing blog). I probably wouldn't do it in the 40 bags, 40 days style, but maybe 40 boxes in 40 weeks, or something like that (logistics not worked out, but I'll have a system).

Items purged could be among a range of several categories of stuff - textiles (runners, tablecloths, quilts), dishes (transferware, ironstone, porcelain, ceramic), glassware, metals (silver, copper, silverplate, pewter), wood (boxes, boards, crates), jewelry (brooches, bracelets, necklaces), kitchenwares, accessories, etc., or even various holiday decor. Perhaps you choose a category if there's not something specific you have in mind. If your request is something specific and I'm still fostering it right now, or it doesn't belong to me (i.e., it is one of my Panoply sisters' things), or has already sold in our booths, I will let you know. You choosing the category allows me the element of surprise of either timing (when I quit fostering a particular item) or an alternative in selecting for you. Shipping can be expensive, so it wouldn't be something like an entire set of dishes, or something really huge in packaging, unless we can work out an agreeable shared shipping cost. I'd certainly entertain that idea.

What do you think of any or all of this?

If you would care to comment, or drop me an email and let me know what you think of this, I'd very much appreciate it. My email can also be found on the "Contact Me" drop down menu at the top of my blog. Spend some time and browse my menu of "Panoply Antiquing" and you'll see the kinds of things I buy (Vintage Finds), sell (Panoply Booth Displays), collect (My Collections), and use in my home (My Home). This will be among the stuff I'm purging, and please don't be shy in communicating. I may try to figure out that rafflecopter thingamajig to make it work easily for me if the response becomes overwhelming (in order to give as many as possible a chance at receiving).

My goal is to have a win-win for me in clearing some things out and, hopefully, welcoming things to those who may be interested in receiving. I know some people don't like attention drawn to them, so I fully intend to accommodate anonymity. However, I would need your address to send you stuff if you are the recipient. I don't sell address lists, email or physical. I may take photos of what I purge and eventually share that as an organizational thing, but I won't disclose who gets what. If you choose to do so, that's your business.

I'll let you know what the general consensus is from the feedback I receive - probably by sometime in February - and whether it seems worth pursuing in 2018. As always, I appreciate your readership.

POSTSCRIPT: You may be interested in reading this post for the outcome of this purge proposal:
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Rita C. at Panoply

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