Thursday, June 21, 2018

This Table is For the Birds!

With pretty much everything garden-related on my mind lately, it goes to show that my latest tablescape is for the birds. As in, they're having a party - fiesta - on my table! Happy Summer Solstice!
It all started with this [pitcher] bouquet of flowers my girls gifted me in early June.
The colors in the bouquet and vessel prompted me to pull out some plates and a tray I purchased in late winter while dreaming of spring. Look at these characters pictured below! They just make me laugh. They look like a bunch of friends who've had too much of a good thing.

A Lenox tablecloth, "Chirp", was sourced by a dealer friend at a flea while visiting her daughter in Japan, of all places! I added some more fiesta accessories (why not?!) with the colorfully striped napkins.
The water pitcher and tumblers used are acrylic. A variety of mixed colors of vintage bakelite was used for each place setting. The napkin rings were inspired by blog friend, Mary, of Home is Where the Boat Is.
We have so many birds partying in our landscape garden, they've actually been keeping us awake at night. There's a mockingbird that's apparently drunk at all hours - 1:30 am, 3:30 am, and/or around 5:30 am - looking for love with his litany of songs. Short of cutting down our magnolia right outside our bedroom window, we've resorted to wearing cotton in our ears when we go to sleep!
Wrens and chickadees are rather noisy in the wee hours of the morning also, and so are robins. The cotton really helps!
Unlike many people, I don't provide food for animals or birds (other than hummingbirds). I do keep a small birdbath pool near the magnolia, and they love it in the daytime.
So, I suppose these creatures are just hanging around for the party scene that is my landscape.
And, as a gardener, I'm a little punchy myself at the fact they like to frolic here. I've given in to the bunnies munching grasses, and as long as the squirrels don't chew my gutters or get inside the attic, and the geese stay in the river, I'm good.
Finishing the tablescape motivated me to pull some coordinating pillow covers out for a bit of color in the sunroom. 
And so it goes, the domino effect.
Adding a little whimsy with the garden pail on the baker's rack, I pulled a string of LED lights through the spout for a watering effect.
Whether your garden is a party place for the birds, or you find fun in feathering your own nest, I hope you enjoyed this tablescape today.

Oh, and I bought some cocktail napkins in the same motif, same line as the plates and tray. If you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em!
Party like flock stars! Happy Summer Solstice, y'all!
For the Birds Source List
Plates, Tray, Cocktail Napkins, Bees on Napkin Rings - Amazon
Napkins, Napkin Rings, Tumblers - Pier 1
Water Decanter - Target
Wood Chargers - Etsy
Lenox Tablecloth, Bakelite Flatware - Flea Market, Estate Sale Finds
Flowers, Pitcher Vessel - Teleflora (gift)

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