Thursday, July 5, 2018

Miscellaneous Musing No. 13

It's time for another random brain release, folks. My mind seems to constantly be racing, and I keep all these indiscriminate factoids underneath my skull until I can no more. I call these miscellaneous musings, and you can check them all out here. This is no. 13, and go.......

A couple of shout outs to bloggers I enjoy reading....
Susan's blog mentioned a reader who suggested a great way to store napkin rings, and I jumped right on this one! I found the 2 pack of trouser hangers at HomeGoods for under $10 to try out, and can see I need to get more. Each of the trouser hooks are hinged and rotate outward, making them very easy to use and store napkin rings! This appeals to my need for organization and love of tablescaping!
Napkin ring storage
Linda's blog is great for recipes, fun facts and toggling life between two regions, and her recent post on how deep the ocean really is is a bit mind-blowing. Once there, click on the word perspective, and you'll see that, as one example, scuba divers are a mere baby step to the depths discovered!
Scuba diving - a baby step to the ocean's depth
Okay, I'm all for organization, as many of my readers know. I've also been known to put things away so well that I can't find them. How would you like to own the Theodore Alexander secretary (below, as seen in Traditional Home's July/August 2018 issue), which has 106 compartments?? I'd never find my hidden jewelry or money, but the good news is, a thief probably wouldn't either!
Theodore Alexander secretary
Those ads on Facebook that roll by.....I noticed one not long ago, advertising the Grommet buoy bells. I bought one in the flagship LLBean store in Freeport Maine on a New England trip we took in 2006. I loved it for the sound, and the fact it was made in Maine by a lobsterman named Jim Davidson. You can see it pictured below in my winter landscape, on the shepherd's hook.
Grommet buoy bell in landscape
What I didn't know is the buoy bell / wind chime is made to mimic the sound of one of the coastal harbor buoy bell sounds! Check out the Grommet wind bells here. to listen to the various sounds. I believe mine matches the Bar Harbor sound, which makes sense since I bought it in Maine. I love hearing it in the winter months when the winds blow.

In warm weather months, I place my hummingbird feeder where the buoy bell / wind chime is hanging. Look at the photo below to see what a difference 6 months later in the garden makes!
Hummingbird feeder in landscape
Another one of those things that scrolled by while I was on the computer: supposedly, the #1 song the year you turned 14 defines your life. Did you know, lol? Well, that year for me was 1971, and the #1 song for the end of that year was Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" (the linked performance was 1975).
You can find your 14th year's #1 song with this link by simply backspacing at the tab once you open it, and change the 1971 to the year you were 14.

Six weeks to the day of Mr. P.'s crazy trip down our riverbank stairs, he goes across the street to the riverbank and finds the oddest thing......a Canada goose carcass. It was a skeletal frame - not a bit of meat on it - with feathers intact on its wings only. We're not sure if something (a hawk? an eagle? or land animal?) dropped it there or what, but it was a first. We don't know of any predator of the Canada geese, and I'll be careful what I wish for, but....
Mystery Canada goose
There's an older, funkier section of town where one daughter lives that has an annual, one day yard sale, offering anything from basement and attic stash to food for fundraisers. It's quite festive. I swung by where said daughter was set up with an informational booth, and picked up a little morning refreshment. I think more yard sales should offer Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Sales would probably increase. I think Ki Nassaeur's Junk Bonanaza in Shakopee, MN has been doing it for a number of years.....
Curbside service
Now that the 4th is over, one of the holidays many take advantage of to also host family reunions, I think some of us have admittedly felt the way Maxine does in the cartoon below:
I'll leave you with this t-shirt I spotted recently. I liked it.
Work like a captain. Play like a pirate.
Have any musings lately that you want to share? Leave a comment, feel free.....
Rita C. at Panoply

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