Sunday, March 1, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Tote and a Giveaway!

Happy March, everyone! Mr. P. and I are popping in to greet you with another installment of the Tales of the Traveling Tote today. For a bit of the history of how these adventures began, you can start at this link, here. For my past tales, you can click on this link, here, which lists the tales in their most recent order of publishing on my blog. All my tribe sisters' current links are near the end of this post, so be sure to check them out, too, along with a cute MacKenzie-Childs giveaway!
Mr. P. and I have had a rather quiet winter, especially compared to this time last year. We've traveled very little, due to the fact that Mr. P. fell hard in late January and is nursing a fractured vertebrae (T12). It's a slow recovery, and hopefully by spring he will back to his normal level of activity.  I make sure he's getting out each day for short trips, though, even if it's just lunch out or a little shopping at the grocery or with the Scott brothers. 😉 I'm like a hummingbird, flitting around most days with pent up energy to burn. I've spent much of winter continually working on organizing things in storage and home, mostly for things to sell in the antique booth spaces. Organizing paperwork for taxes also consumes a lot of [especially] mental energy (I prepare about a half a dozen or so family member returns that vary in complexity). Just a few outings with friends and sisters kept me sane through winter and Mr. P.'s down time.
We have a really nice local theater house that's been restored near our antique mall where my sisters and I rent booth space. My sister and I took in a showing of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" in early January at that theater. Miss Charley C loved the flooring and begged for a photo op.
At the end of January, a good friend and I, along with Miss Penny (my newest bag, read all about her, here) trekked to Blenko Glass Factory in Milton, WV to make our own water bottles. You can read more about that fun experience, here.
Miss Penny is my bag of choice lately, given that she is so lightweight and can hold so much!
Another outing with that same friend was in early February, to the Homer Laughlin Company's "Everything Fiesta" outlet in Sutton, WV. As a dish hoarder (even in downsizing), this trip could've been a lot more dangerous than it actually was. I only purchased four dinner plates (for a whopping total of $10.60, including tax).
Although winter was quiet, every day still feels like a new experience, living in our loft through our first winter. We're still loving the ease of living with less and, to be honest, although I love the gifts my landscape garden delivered each spring, I am grateful not to have the responsibility of working the garden on my "to do" list. Instead, I can visit my local sisters and daughter whenever I want to garden, or even help out on the shared garden terrace here in our vertical neighborhood. I look forward to all my blogging friends' gardens as well. So, friends, keep those garden posts coming this spring!


The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway. Jenna at the Painted Apron is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Jenna's March 1 post will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Whisk! Hurry over now!
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Thank you so much for dropping by the blog today. I love reading your comments, and don't forget to leave one on Jenna's blog for a chance at the giveaway! Come again for our next adventure, which  will be June 1, 2020.


  1. Great look back, I am happy to hear that Mr P is still doing well too. I haven't had a chance to go see Tom Hanks yet but hopefully when Greg goes back to work I'll go get to see my movie star boyfriend at the movies.

  2. Rita, I am hoping Mr. P. will surpass all predictions and his healing will be surprising. I wish we lived closer so you could organize me. I''m afraid even you would throw up your hands.
    Your field trips sound so interesting. I was looking at some of my old tablescapes recently and I found out from a comment from a reader that my grandmother's dishes were Homer Laughlin from the 1930's and 1940's.(

  3. OOOH, I want to go to the Blenko and Fiesta outlets - sounds like lots of fun! I hope Mr P is healing quickly. I love your new bag - so pretty! Haven't seen that movie yet, but heard it is great!! Happy Travels!

  4. Hi Rita,
    I loved the description of yourself as a hummingbird, flitting around with pent up energy! I wish you could flit down here and help me purge and organize! Also I am very impressed that you do taxes, wow, your family has it made! I do hope Will is improving everyday and how fortunate you are living in your loft so he has less household chores. Your side trips to Blenko {I LOVE the bottle you got} and Fiesta are perfectly fabulous fun, nothing better than shopping with a good friend. I agree, our new totes are so light weight and roomy, we are so lucky to receive them! Happy March!
    ❤️ Jenna

  5. Happy Sunday Rita. Glad to hear that Mr. P is doing better and getting out each day. Tell him to stay away from my boyfriends up there in the first picture lol! Glad you have had some fun trips with Miss C and also your new Miss Penny. Have a great start to the new week.

  6. Isn't it great to always have a "friend" to travel with. Glad Miss C and Miss Penny are getting out and about with you. I can see you as a hummingbird with all your energy, and glad that Mr. P is starting to feel better and getting out. I am not surprised that you do your family's taxes. Bless you! If I ever visit your area, I would love to visit Blenko. I only have one vase, and it is green. I'll take a picture and show you. My elderly friend used to pick up Fiesta from the outlet for me when she traveled. Happy March!

  7. I want to see the outlets some day, I've got to get your way Rita! I know you have been taking TLC of your dear Mr. P and I hope and pray he has a total and full recovery sooner that diagnosed. Glad you are spending time taking care of you too. Sister time is so therapeutic and fun. You always inspire me when I hear you talk organization and loft living. Sounds delightful and fun. I now know who to call if I have a tax question :) Happy March Rita.....

  8. How fun to visit the Blenko and Fiesta outlets. So happy to hear you are getting out and about with Miss Penny. Sister time is always fun. I am happy to hear Will's recovery is going well. One day at a time. The Scott brothers are definitely eye candy. Happy Sunday.

  9. I have a few Fiestaware bowls I use for Chicago Style individual pizza pies because they're the right size. That's a lot of bowls!!! You didn't spend much, which is great for what you were able to get!
    I haven't seen the Mr. Rogers movie yet. I haven't seen anything in the theater in a very long time! Your photos are very cute. I'm happy you're able to do a few fun things, and I hope your hubbie's back recovers quickly.


  10. Oh my, poor Mr. P!!! I'm happy to know that he's doing better and that you have him getting out and about for short periods of time. If I lived close, I'd be bringing him some homemade sweets. It's always fun to see what you and your totes are doing.

  11. Rita, I am so sorry to read of Mr. P’s fall, wishing him a full recovery. Miss Luna C looked perfect on the floor of your local theater. You have stayed busy even without winter travel. I learned something new about you, you DO taxes. I am always so impressed with your organizational skills, I only wish to be organized. The giveaway is so fun! Have a great week!

  12. Rita, Even though we've never met, I think the comparison of you to a hummingbird fits you perfectly...your metabolism must be high as a hummer's too. :) So sorry about Mr. P's fall...ouch! Fun outings for you and your totes. I could see the HL visit being dangerous indeed. Happy March. ♥

  13. I know it's been a long winter for you too with Mr. P's health issues. We have to take care of our guys. Glad he is improving! I think you and Miss Luna C enjoyed some fun adventures. The Blenko glass blowing must have been so informative. I'm off to a garden center, so I'll be thinking of you!

  14. Isn't it fun to find floors that the girls look so great with! I love your new bag and what a fun adventure at the glassblowing you had! Hope your honey gets better soon! Haha about the garden, I was just thinking today that I would love to let mine go fallow this year - weeds galore would be my harvest - too hard to overcome that though. I think I am getting too old to garden - I would rather be doing other things!

  15. Oh my, you and those two pretty bags do get around. Doesn't Miss Charley C bedeck the theatre beautifully and as for Miss Penny isn't she a pretty thing. I am amazed Miss Penny wasn't laden with oodles of pots as you and she departed Homer Laughlin Company. I do hope your Mr P is soon completely better and gadding about your glorious part of the world with you very soon.

  16. Good morning, Rita. I am late to read your wonderful post, but I always enjoy them so much and still believe you should write books. So sorry to hear about Mr. P's fall. Falls can be dreadful and it sounds as though his was. Wishing him all the best for a full recovery. And wishing you both a great and blooming March!

  17. Good Morning Rita,
    I have always been inquisitive and in awe of glass blowing! I took a peek at your other post and was intrigued by your outing, this looks like fun to me.
    So happy to year that you are continuing to enjoy your new home and lifestyle and that life is treating you well. However, I am sorry to hear about Mr. P's accident, I am sending positive healing vibes your way. It has been rather rough Winter for us too, the hubby has been in and out of the hospital since October with a pleural effusion and pneumonia. Looks like this high altitude is too much for him...
    Your tote is adorable and Happy March!

  18. I have always wanted to try making something out of glass! That looks so neat (hot, but neat).

    1. It was fun, and not too hot at this time of year (it was around 45° outside, so very comfortable inside). Summers must be brutal, though. And they only allowed us near the lehr (the cooling oven), but it was warm enough!

  19. Oh Rita, is that Everything Fiesta all the time? A shop, not an event? I must go. I need to go there. Most of my Fiesta is vintage but I'd like to supplement it with some of the more current pieces and the only way I can justify that to myself (since I'm trying not to be a dish 'ho', is an outlet like that. Four plate, 10.50? I am so there. And your Blenko... you have so much to offer down there. I know Mr. P. is still in recovery and hope all is going well these days. Take care of him -- and you, too. We all know caregivers are no good to anyone once they crash and burn! Hugs!

  20. Rita,
    So great to hear your hubby is doing well! What a couple fun getaways with your friends. Nice to chase the winter blues away. We must catch up.

  21. Continued "get wells" for your husband; any kind of back trouble hurts one's disposition, too! I almost drooled at the Fiesta picture; I've gotten my daughter most of hers at Kohl's on sale; she loves the bright colors (wonder where she got THAT from??) but have found a few thrifting and antiquing, too. My late father "took" a glass blowing class at UNH in '47 (GI bill). He showed up for class sucking on a lemon; everyone blowing glass sucked in and ruined their pieces. The prof gave him a "B" to never come to class again!

    1. Kathy, the story of your father glass blowing us too funny, thanks for sharing that! As for Fiesta, the bin for plates was just as huge! We have a dealer in our antique mall who specializes in Fiesta with lots of choices, but when it comes to wedding registries (my girls love it too), Kohls (on sale) is where I usually go also. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments.