Friday, May 7, 2021

Panoply Vintage Finds in Covid Times

The last time I gave y'all an update to my Panoply vintage finds was in an August 2020 post. I've done a lot of shopping since then! Whenever my Panoply sisters and I shop together, we often do a show and tell once we're back at home base, so that's what I have for you today: highlights of my vintage finds in Covid times since last August. It's a long post, but lots of eye candy. Grab a drink, let's go armchair antiquing!

I'll start with boomerang items, or items I previously purged which came back to me, lol. In early 2019, my two married daughters and their close cousin took a lot of furniture when we downsized. I told them if they ever wanted to get rid of it to ask me first if I wanted it back. The chair and versatile table below are boomerang items. 

My second daughter is pregnant and was furnishing her nursery, so when she no longer wanted the chair and table, I took those the booth space, that is. They both sold within a week of styling. I purged another area rug for the nursery in this takeback, so I consider them all wins. The chandelier shades were an estate find, ready to go into the booth.

Textiles are always an easy acquisition for me. I can stuff another linen with the best of 'em, especially when I use vacuum-sealed storage bags. Of these finds below, I want to point out the bottom center doilies and runners. These were gifted to me by a fellow blogger, Linda from Best of Long Island and Central Florida. They were her mother's and grandmother's, which I absolutely cherish in knowing and receiving. Thank you, Linda! The daisy afghan (center) has already sold, and the vintage floral cotton tablecloths (bottom left), Battenburg placemats and vintage hankies are or will be in the booths. The top left runner will be used in a tablescape next week, and the gorgeous fabric in the top right was purchased to be used in an upcoming tablescape sometime this summer. I am in love with those rich colors.
Vintage Kitchen Bakeware, (and pottery). My goodness, I hit the mother lode of bakeware with an estate sale my sister landed last September, which we split. I picked the 4-piece nested Cinderella Friendship set, the Avocado Crazy Daisy and Yellow Sunflower Daisy (all Pyrex), plus the Corning Ware lidded white daisy bouquet and French Arcopal partridge and tulips bowls. Those were all sold within a few short weeks! I just put the Pyrex turquoise Butterprint in the booth, and the black snowflake (also Pyrex) will go in later this fall along with the black & white canisters. The yellow ball jug pitcher is vintage Hall pottery. These were/are all in excellent vintage condition.
Fostered finds are a job hazard when antiquing or shopping estate sales. All of the framed artwork, prints and panoramic photo below are currently in the loft, either already hanging or ready to hang in rotation. I'm a Flapper girl, so the 1927 panoramic photo is right up my alley, along with the Erte print (middle left). The central winter scenes are mid-1970s Ben Hampton Southern Series. All the rest are water colors by noted local artists.
More fostered finds in the form of glass vases and small ceramics are currently in the loft, most already in seasonal decor. As you can see, the two large vases (top rt), as well as two of the framed water colors pictured above are in the recessed fireplace niche. The cream Haeger vase and small bird are situated in our great room now. The parrot pitcher will likely make its way to a tablescape coming soon, and the dog.....well, he looks like one of my granddogs so I couldn't resist.

Asian decor is something I am drawn to, and of all the items acquired below, I am definitely keeping the blue vase (bottom left) and the chinoiserie napkins rings. The vase is already styled in my great room. All the other items are potentially saleable items, with the Asian figurine planters (bottom rt) already in the booth.
Seasonal decor items already in the booths and/or sold include all of the items pictured below. Hand painted Weisley china rose bowl, Aynsley shamrock c/s, Fenton custard glass bird, and handmade ceramics and needlepoints are among the items pictured.

Decor and vanity items pictured below are a mix of items fostered for home use before letting go, already in the booths, or ready for sale. Those I will keep a while include the candle holders (top rt) and the black & white carrots (bottom center). Vintage compacts and perfume bottles are small case items in the booths. The doll is made of corn husks! The silverplate biscuit tin and cut glass basket are in booths now, and I need to get that metal candelabra in soon for seasonal appeal! 
Vintage barware/entertaining items are a category I love sourcing. They seem to cross boundaries for both male and female collectors. Pictured below are some mid-century modern trays, glasses and mugs. The shaker and ashtray are also advertising pieces (as are the 1970s Playboy bunny mugs). Fun items!
Books and primitives are items one of my other sisters usually gravitates toward, but these were items I found at a good price. The framed prints are coal mining, school days and railroad. The books are to be shared among my sisters, an overwhelming number of Nancy Drew mysteries from one estate. Crates are a no-brainer pickup, especially when graphics are good. The spools were a good deal, and the rusty scale face drew me in like a magnet. 
Mantiques, as I refer to the items below, are things I love looking for. Again, both men and women seem to favor them (hey, I bought them!). The picnic vignette is in the booth - a 1950s Pepsi cooler and 1970s Pepsi glasses sitting on a Basketville Putney Vermont splint basket. I love the paint by number sailboats! The marbles were made in West Virginia. The 1950s Doepke toy trucks I wrote about here already sold. Bottom left is a Libbey "firsts" commemorative space glass and medallion; bottom right are rarely found Matchbox cars with original boxes. That bottom middle photo is an old snuff can - full!
Militaria, Vintage Office and more Mantiques. Another really great group of finds is pictured below: beneath a WWI era West Point panoramic photo is an authentic WWI doughboy helmet and field binoculars (top left). Just below that is a tabletop lighter in the form of WWII P51 Mustang fighter plane. Also pictured are mid-century office supplies (center rt), and vintage camera light meter, Mack bulldog hood ornament and another set of binoculars. The helmet, field binocs and lighter are sold.
Last but not least are Holiday Items. I picked up all the items below with the intention of selling (the tumbling Santas are already sold), but I may foster the two trees and napkins rings for a while. I contemplated using the green ornaments but will likely sell those this year.
I hope you're still with me and found things that kept your interest. I was so overdue in getting this post written, but I find it's an excellent way for me to trace my purchasing and prompt myself to pull things from storage for both home and booth spaces, and to reference back. 

My sisters and I have remained in business at the South Charleston Antique Mall in South Charleston, WV since 2008. Three separate interstates go through the area (I-64, I-77 and I-79), with strategic billboards placed along each for high visibility. We are conveniently located off of Exit 56 on I-64. So, if you or someone you know is a collector and is traveling this year, be sure and tell them about our mall. We have over 60 dealers in 3 floors + a mezzanine totaling 18,000 square feet!
Thanks so much for your visit. Leave a comment, let me know what you love to collect.

Rita C. at Panoply
(A special thanks to Linda of Life and Linda's Love Your Creativity Link Party #97  and to Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters Celebrate Your Story! #283 for featuring this post!)


  1. Fun post this morning Rita! I enjoy poking around antique malls and have missed doing so this past year. If I ever find myself travelling your way I’ll definitely stop for a little retail therapy. I’m always drawn to vintage garden goodies and books, old scales, tole trays and transferware. Fostering allows you to create so many creative tables! Keeping all those linens tidy and displayed for sale reminds me of my retail days and would drive me nuts :)

  2. Morning!
    Such great finds, I laughed when I saw the Playboy Bunny drinkware. How fun is that! Happy MOther's Day!

  3. What a great shopping post, I loved my visit to your booth virtually. I'm particularly drawn to the little cricket box, and those reindeer! So fun to browse again.

  4. Oh Rita -- I would go absolutely bonkers in your booths! You have Trixie Belden books! Those were my favorite books as a kid, maybe even more than Nancy Drew (but it's close). And those decoish perfume bottles. The Christmas things. The art is such fun and I love how you "foster" the items! I think you are most definitely worth the road trip!

  5. Loved your post. Your mall is an antique collectors dream with so many booths and floors close to interstate exits. I made one long antiquing trip to Brimfield years ago and our group looked for malls such as yours all along the way. Congratulations on your long success. It has been great for you to do this with your sisters. Good to have an outlet to let things go and enjoy new finds that suit your fancy. I'm still enjoying the items you gifted me in your purge. You are a generous and loving friend.
    You have a photographic memory I think and are so good with organization.
    Fun post.

  6. Great post, Rita. I enjoy poking around vintage stores, but haven't been to any this last year :(
    You've got a great collection of items, and a good eye for what sells.

    I always get a kick out of walking into a vintage store and seeing items my mom had, or many things I still own - and have been living with for 45 years of house keeping! If I didn't feel old before, I sure feel my years at that point.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  7. “Mantiques”. That’s a new one on me! I like the term, though, and I will gleefully pass it on! I’m drawn to Asian-inspired items, too, as my Mom brought so much hime from China and my uncle sent back SCADS while serving in the Korean War. He traveled to many countries and left her with many unique treasures. Your vintage bar ware is REALLY intriguing for me!!!! We have 4 bars in our home, and I like to give each their own personality!

    You have amassed quite a wealth of goodies over these COVID crazy months!!!! Congratulations on all your terrific finds! Here’s hoping you’ll be able to get out and do a lot of shopping again without restrictions in the coming months!

    Have a fun weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to you, your Panopoly sisters, and those daughters of yours!

  8. I am always shocked when I see things in your posts that are considered antiques and I received them as wedding gifts {pyrex bowls}!! Ha ha, it makes me feel ancient! Were you able to keep your booth open the whole of 2020? Are things opening up in your area now? I laughed when I read that your daughters are giving things back to you, but great that you can sell them! I got a kick out of the vintage barware and original matchbox cars. Happy Mother's Day Rita!

  9. I enjoyed your post this morning. Alas, there's nothing I need, until I see it, that is! Have a happy Mother's Day. We'll be traveling up your way again in July on our way to Columbus. We'll be having a celebration of life party for my mom who passed away in January. We'll probably just wave since Covid is still making us all a little squirrely.

  10. Wow, Rita ~ you certainly have treasures. I have the antique bug in advanced stages and have for years. I just have to stay away, because if I bring one more thing in this house, there will be not room left for us.
    It is so exciting your daughter is going to have a baby, you will be a wonderful grandmother. Some joy after this dreadful time we have all been through.
    Have a lovely weekend and I enjoyed going antiquing with you. Happy Mother's Day, my friend.

  11. Rita, This virtual shopping trip was fun! I always see so much that I adore in your posts. I have several Fenton pieces and that bird is lovely! I'm always drawn to linens and you have some beautiful items. I collect Corningware since I use it so much. The vintage Corningware is wonderful as it works on the range top as well (no microwave back then). Pyrex had a lot of fun patterns. I have the late 70's patterns since we received them as wedding gifts. The mantiques and decor items are interesting. My husband would be drawn to them too. The Asian items are nice. If we're ever in your area, the antique mall will be a definite stop. I love that you can foster and rotate your pretties. Those tumbling Santas are adorable. Congrats on the number of years you've been in business. You have a great eye! Happy Mother's Day! Clara❤️

  12. Rita, I enjoyed my virtual shopping trip this afternoon. You have such fabulous inventory and I know the turnover is excellent. I am especially drawn to the fabric that you will be using for a summer tablescape. I hope to come that way one day and stop in and shop. I do love an antique mall and can spend hours looking and yes, purchasing. Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. Great finds!! My fav is the boomerang game table!! I am heading to an antique mall in the morning (I'm in Ohio for a few days)

  14. You inspire me so much! I love all your COVID finds! I totally love your tablescapes too! Honestly I didn't know what a tablescape even was until I ran across one of your posts! I now have done a Winter and Spring table! It was so fun to gather all the design items! Everytime I walk by my formal dining room all "scaped out" I smile!! Please keep posting! Someday my sisters and mom will make the drive to see your booth!

    1. Thank you so much! I so appreciate the fact that you've been inspired by my posts!

  15. Hi Rita,
    You have some wonderful things in your booth. You find the best treasures. I bet all the shoppers love to visit your booth. Happy Mother's Day. xoxo

  16. Rita, you and your sisters have been on the move. Such a treasure trove of antiques to enjoy and sale. I love how your use your organizational skills to "foster" and then plan when you will style your booth using the items. When antiquing I am always drawn to textiles and kitchen wares, like your bakeware. The chair and table are gorgeous, surprised they boomeranged back! I have several bins of vintage linens I enjoy using. During lockdown I had time to launder and iron all of them. I always enjoy these posts. Happy Week......

  17. Such a fun visit strolling through your virtual mall. You have some very interesting pieces. The vintage corning ware reminds me of my moms. How special to be with your sisters. Here's to a happy week.

  18. I love when you invite us on a shopping trip! You have the most amazing things.
    Next time I go back to Ohio I'm making a detour to West Virginia and visiting in person!

  19. Thanks for sharing this at the FWF link party, Rita:)

  20. Boy did I enjoy this post!! I loved seeing all of the vintage things in your shop. I think I need to take a road trip to shop in person!!