Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Tote: Safely Social Pt 3

Hey y'all, it's time for another chapter of the tale of the traveling tote. Not sure what that is? Go here to get the story behind it all, and go here for my personal travel history with the traveling tote. 

Hello, December! Today we begin a new month, the final month of 2020 (yay!). Rabbit, rabbit! We are a full eight+ months into this pandemic; hence the subtitle Safely Social Pt 3.
Do you find yourself watching TV and calling out even the most benign activities actors are engaged in as a COVID violation in terms of present day being safely social? And where did Hallmark get all these new 2020 Christmas movies, anyway? Were they leftovers on the editing floor from last year?? (The answer to that is at least one NO, as I caught an obscured glimpse of a taxi driver in once scene of "A Nashville Christmas Carol" wearing a mask! It's the scene where actress Jessy Schram's character is wearing the white coat.)

We actually took a trip back in September! Whew, the conditions for taking a trip are so much more complicated! Not only do we have to pack more to have a safe trip, but we have to make sure who we're going to see is/are practicing socially safe skills. My local sister and I drove to Cincinnati one weekend in mid-September to do an estate pick with my sister who lives there. For those unknowing, we three sisters and our antiquing adventures are the crux of why Panoply the blog was created - to share all that we do in our booths locally with the sister who is in Cincinnati. She fully participates and is dubbed the CTO - Chief Traveling Officer. 

Several truckloads of one of my sister's friends' downsizing were picked up the week before our visit. We texted a series of photo exchanges and price negotiations in deciding what to purchase for resale. Everything was left in my sister's garage the week leading up to the weekend marathon of pickin' and grinnin'.

Among our haul, we scored some great 1950s toys, including these metal toys (below) made by Doepke. My brother-in-law even got in on the act by helping clean up the toys to ready for our holiday booth displays. 
And guess what? They already sold - before Thanksgiving!
We came home with a carload, and the other two sisters met again the following weekend halfway between our town and Cincinnati to exchange yet another carload, and one more remains in Cincinnati.
I really should do a post of our booth displays from 2020, as it's one of the few activities I've continued through this pandemic (apart from the six weeks we were shut down until May 11 to flatten the [first] curve of this virus). I've journaled it all, just haven't felt the motivation to sit down and post it yet.

So, that was really my only trip to report since our last update. However, Mr. P. and I did take a couple day trips to go leaf-peeping in West Virginia in October. 

The real problem with traveling with a tote these days is the sheer size. I am trying to keeps hands free as much as possible, and certainly don't like putting my bag down anywhere I go these days.

Since I'm not really seeing anybody or going anywhere special (Zoom doesn't count!), I decided back in June to start letting my hair 'travel' a bit. My pixie was cut too short for my liking on my first trip back to my hairdresser after the shut down, so I've decided to go for something between a longer, shaggy pixie and a French bob. Still short, but a little longer than my pixie I've worn the past several years. I like messy hair so, for now, I'm letting it wander. 
These are two styles I really like - this....
...and this:
And this is my current stage of growing out my short pixie. Ugh, my hair grows travels pretty slow, and I may end up going right back to where I started.
Perhaps a petite bucket bag/crossbody will be in order if I last the journey. I think I'll need another bag to add to my tote family collection, something easier to travel with. Santa, are you reading this?

The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway and Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Sarah's post today will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this set of MacKenzie-Childs Festoonery and Courtly Check paper goods. These are perfect for safely social small gatherings, where you can use and toss! 

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Join us again on March 1, 2021 in hopes that we'll ALL get lucky and see an end to (or at least a vaccine to curb) this horrible pandemic nightmare we will have endured for an entire year.
Thanks so much for your visit. I love reading your comments, and be sure to leave one on Sarah's blog for a chance at our token gift. If you're still with me this far, I want to invite you to my post that will be publishing within the hour of this one today. It is a Botanical Christmas tablescape and it will be/is available here. Stay safe, and Happy Holidays! 


  1. Road trips are always fun, and what a score on the 1950s toys. My grandson loves playing with the metal toys I have (is that allowed LOL) and I'll have to see if they are made by Doepke. They were given to me from a private collection when they downsized. Definitely get the petite bucket bag/crossbody bag, and whisper that in Santa's ear. It is my absolute favorite, and the one I receive the most compliments on.

  2. Rita, I was wondering if you were posting twice today knowing you were toting and tablescaping too :) Love the photo of you and your sisters and BIL cleaning the toys. I had a booth early in my retail career and miss the fun, comradery (work!) and thrill of when something sells. How fun those toys were snapped up so quickly. I think we’re all dreaming of yesteryear when things were so simple. How little did we know that they really were the good old days. Your hair is adorable and you’re so photogenic. Take Biotin if you want it to grow quickly! I started taking it back in March with the shut down when my nails were horrific and damaged from removing them myself. Happy December to you ♥

  3. Not surprised the toys sold as fast as they did, they are a hot commodity. I think vintage stuff seems to last a lot longer anyway. Glad you got to spend some time with your family, even in all this chaos.

  4. I think your hair is adorable!! What a haul you got in Ohio! Your booth must be doing very well! I hope you find the bucket bag, it is perfect for you - keep hinting it to Santa!! Your road trip looks like fun - great shot of that river! Happy travels!

  5. Wish I had a chance of getting the vintage firetruck, hubby is retired from fire dept; great looking booth! The leaf looking trip sounds wonderful, a great year for leaf color.

  6. Oh Rita, I love those vintage toys! I actually saved some of my children's toys and they are favorites with my grands. I am glad you've been able to keep your both going and do some treasure hunting with your sisters! Your hair looks adorable! It is easy to get lazy with appearances these days, wearing a mask and sometimes a hat and sunglasses, who needs makeup! Love the small body bag, I have found those small crossbody bags are the way to go these days...Your leaf peeking trip looks like it was wonderful, and I love the holiday log display by your front door! Happy December, maybe Santa can magically bring back normal this year :)

  7. What great finds! I'd love to shop in your booth.

  8. I always love seeing what you and your sisters are up to. You definitely scored with those toys. Your hair is looking cute, Rita! The small crossbody bag would be a wonderful gift from Santa!

  9. Rita, I think it's great you and your sisters venture out to find vintage items. The toys were a great find. Your hair looks lovely. The shaggy and messy look is wonderful. Change is good!Good luck finding the bucket bag. I need one too. The holiday display of logs looks lovely. Happy holidays Rita.

  10. How nice Rita you were able to have a safe getaway with the sisters. I know you enjoyed doing what you love for your antiquing booth. And, then your getaway with Mr. P for your leaf peeking road trip. And, knowing how careful you are it was a very safe trip. I love your favorite haircuts, so cute. You are one of those gals who can were a short bob. Here's to road trips and staying safe! Happy December Rita...........

  11. Rita, First of all, love your hair! Keep it longer, it's very becoming! The vintage toys are adorable and will last longer than most anything made today. Sweet memories indeed! As a little girl I had a Tonka dump truck that hauled dolls, sand, and me! Such fun! You scored some really nice items for your booth. It's nice when the family can all enjoy working on a project together. Love your first picture with the logs in the wire basket. That's really cute! Always enjoy your posts. Covid had stifled all our trips but day trips for us due to health concerns. Every time we plan a weekend getaway, Covid gets worse and we're told to stay home more. Hoping 2021 is better for everyone and your traveling tote is safe for more extensive traveling. Santa really needs to bring you that cute purse to use in the meantime! Enjoy your day! Clara❤️

  12. Love your longer shaggier cut!

  13. Rits, I smiled at Mary's comment: toting and tablescaping! I like the sound of that! I envy you and your sisters retail space. I often thought of getting a booth at the local antique mall, but it wasn't well styled, ant that bothered me. Now it is closed. Very few antique venues left here which is why I enjoy my little get aways to nearby Georgetown.
    I love your hair. Keep the faith. It will soon be the length you desire. The second style model is so elegant. I had two inches off my last appointment. Mostly wear it pulled back in a knot or braided, but at least now I can wear it down without looking shaggy.
    Well, I'm off to tablescape with you. I know that will be fun too.....

  14. Whichever hairstyle you do, you will be darling. I love them both and they're both good for your smiling face! I will look forward to seeing your holiday displays. It looks like you had such a good time and all the more so with the sisters. YAY!

  15. Looks like you found some good treasures on your travel for the booth. I always loved your hair in a short pixie but we all need change and the longer pixie is adorable on you too. I keep thinking I want to grow mine out and then I always go back to the pixie lol! Either way you look adorable. xoxo Kris

  16. That looks like a fun shake and go hairstyle! You have nice volume and texture so it looks great.
    Ooh, those toys looked fabulous. No wonder they disappeared already. Yes, Yes, Yes, I would love to see a post on your booths. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  17. Rita, I am so sorry I am late in visiting. I love those toys and obviously, they are very popular. We have some of Butch’s toys from his childhood. What a year, if someone would have told me last year that 2020 would have been like this, I would not have believed them. I have always loved your pixie cut, you wear it so well. I do love the two styles you are thinking on. Your hair looks great now, whatever you choose will look good on you!