Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Color My World, Valentine

Hello, readers, and welcome to my blog, Panoply. I'm happy you're here today for my first post of 2024. Today I'm sharing a tablescape I've set for Valentine's Day, but it's one that works for both my honey's birthday and our anniversary, events which are just before and after Valentine's Day, respectively. Appropriately titled, "Color My World, Valentine", this tablescape works for all three occasions, and gives extra mileage to the elements in service.
The first in a series of tablescape blog hops for 2024, this tablescape is all about acknowledging sentiments felt toward those we love and hold dear. My tablescape today is just one of sixteen stylists, all sharing Valentine's Day table designs for you. Be sure to enjoy all the links available later in this post for more ideas!

Mr. P. is my valentine and partner in life, and since we've been together, he truly has colored my world. I wanted my table to be a visual reflection of that. I found these cute heart bowls on sale after Christmas 2022 and purchased four as my springboard of inspiration. They were shown as trinket dishes, but in my mind they are multi purposeful (read: table dishes!). It's certainly not the most unconventional item I've used in a tablescape.
At the time, I wasn't sure if I'd be setting a table for two or four, but I loved the colorful, floral garden design of the bowl. I have plenty of dishes, so I thought with all the colors, it would be no problem putting together a plate stack which I loved. 

Well, as you can see, I put several stacks together before deciding on which one to use. The collage below demonstrates all those I went through before deciding and, just like Goldilocks, my personal reasons for why I didn't choose the ones I didn't.
This is basically how I work my table designs. It's all about choosing the component elements - plate stack, textiles, drinkware, glassware, and centerpieces - and tweaking the look until happy with how it's put together. Napkin rings, place cards, and token gifts are often used as well.

The blue in the heart bowl was tricky for me. Even though I went with multi-layered, colorful patterns, this combination below is what it took to give me the ultimate look and satisfaction (and the title!) for the tablescape design.
The salad and dinner plates are from WalMart - so inexpensive! They go right along with my current daydreams of spring flower planning and planting in the midst of winter storms Heather and Indigo, which each left us with accumulated snow and arctic temps. The floral arrangement was one of three I fashioned from one single bouquet from Sam's Club. The other two were placed elsewhere throughout the house. (Side note: flowers bought and arranged in January are a great way to beat the winter blues!)
The napkins (Amazon) are a playful Mexican design, and went well with both the blues and pinks. The little trinket heart dish is Herend - a great find at a recent estate sale. 

With the glassware and flatware in solid colors, they kept the table from becoming too wildly patterned. While the tablecloth (HomeGoods) has a nice watercolor design on the skirt, the surface area has only subtle hearts scattered throughout. The only drawback of the cloth is that it is polyester - great for wash/wear, but very difficult in the short run to get wrinkles out from original packaging.
This little table shows a faint web design beneath the cloth, and that's because it is a metal bistro table. While I paired it indoors with Parsons chairs here, I've also used one just like in another color in my outdoor garden area during summer months. It was a perfect scale for small spaces, so I bought two different colors at the time. I keep the indoor table up permanently.
I always include my source list for my tablescapes (no affiliations), and you'll find that below. Remember - the only rules are those you make for yourself in creating a table!

Source List for Color My World, Valentine Tablescape
Heart Dishes - Sundance
Salad, Dinner Plates - Pioneer Woman for WalMart
Blue Water Goblets - Wayfair
Articulated Herend Heart, Vintage Pink Iridescent Stem Glassware, Blue Glazed Vase - Estate Finds
Flatware - Horchow
Tablecloth - HomeGoods
Napkins - Amazon

As you can see, tablescaping certainly has unlimited options, whether you're a beginner or a pro. I hope this gives you some inspiration to unleash your own creativity to have some fun with dishes and other elements in untraditional ways.

For a whole lot more inspiration, direct links are provided below, which will take you to each of  all the stylists participating in today's blog hop. Enjoy them all at your leisure!

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I hope you'll let me know you stopped by my blog today by leaving a comment. If you show up as anonymous, please let me know who you are! And tell me - what's the most unconventional item you've ever used for a table or food buffet design, and how did you use it?


  1. Good Morning Rita, Such a pretty and colorful table of hearts and flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mr. P’s birthday or for a cheery antidote to combat the winter blues! Your heart plates pair beautifully with your Pioneer Woman dishes…so affordable! I don’t have a Walmart that's convenient to me, so I forget to stop in and check to see what’s available. Love the pops of blue from your goblets and vase. You’re so right about those stubborn wrinkles in polyester tablecloths out of the packaging. I have had good luck with Downy Wrinkle Releaser if the iron doesn’t do the trick. As far as most unconventional accessory, I have used a small birdbath as centerpiece for a garden table/vignette, when it was new before it was used by the birds of course. 😊 Thanks so much for sharing your love of tablescaping and dishes by organizing our hops. Your efforts are so appreciated. Happy Tuesday ♥

  2. Good morning, Rita! The first shot of the table from above is stunning! I didn’t remember that Mr.P’s birthday and your anniversary were close to Valentine’s Day. With 3 celebrations so close together, chocolates and sweets must be on the menu for the month of February. Your table is color-filled which gives me a big smile on our rainy morning. I am a big fan of colorful tables. The heart bowls were a great springboard for your table. Walmart came through with the perfect dishes…they are a breath of spring. The blue water goblets are an amazing addition to your charming table! I share your enthusiasm for tablescaping! Thanks so much for organizing our tablescape hops.

    Wishing you a lovely day, my friend!

  3. I love all the colors Rita as it certainly colors one's world snd you are right...this tablescape works for birthdays and anniversaries which I wish to both your honey and you. I don't go to WalMart but I do see items on line and there are bargains for sure with the Pioneer Woman...so glad she is keeping it real with her products. Your use of a bistro table inside is not unusual, as years ago I used a cardboard round table for an end table in my living room. I covered it with a tablecloth and no one was the wiser. LOL I have used so many "different" things for a centerpiece or accessory that it is hard to come up with just one. Actually, I think my whole table in this hop is unconventional so I will leave it at that.

    Thanks for another wonderful hop and just for grins and giggles, the Jayhawks won last night against Cincinnati , which just about "did me in" as we had a game 🏀 with WV on Saturday, a Chiefs football game 🏈 on Sunday and yet another Jayhawks basketball game 🏀 on Monday!!! Needless to say, I am dragging today.🧑‍🦰🥰

  4. Rita, your table would certainly color anyone's world. How perfect for your three upcoming celebrations, and Happy Birthday to Mr. P, Happy Anniversary to the two of you, and Happy Valentine's Day! The Pioneer Woman plates truly delight! They are the perfect dreamy prop for those of us looking toward our spring gardens. After our recent freeze, I'm have to focus on what can be again as things look really sad.
    I love the fun table linen with its colorful heart border that drops down the edge. Excellent design! Tables for two set inside or out in the garden are always a good idea! Love your fun mix of dishes and linens, and you know I love color! Thanks for all the ideas you offer here, and a huge thank you for hosting these fun tablescape blog hops. You inspire me on multiple levels, dear friend!

  5. Oh Rita, this is so pretty and different! I love your heart dishes and the way you paired them with patterned plates! I am a color lover so all the colors on your Valentine table make me happy! You do have much to celebrate in February, Happy Birthday to Mr. P, and Happy Valentine's Day and Anniversary! I always love your photos from above, you can really see how all your elements go together. The tablecloth is so pretty with the subtle pale hearts. The Pioneer Woman has so many really cute dishes, they work perfectly on your table. Thanks so much for hosting our blog hops, they are always so much fun!

  6. How cheerful and happy your multi use tablescape is, Rita!! Those trinket dishes are darling and I’m swooning over the Walmart dishes. It was fun seeing how you decided upon your final decision, which is my favorite choice, too. The tablecloth is so pretty but I know what you mean about those creases and folds! Thank you for sharing your table and Happy Birthday to Mr. P, who has colored your world, Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day. 💕💕💕

  7. The first thing that caught my eye were the PW dishes - I love them! And the hearts look fabulous on them - such a colorful and cheery table. I love how the hearts on the table cloth are larger on the drape - so pretty. Have a wonderful Valentine day and I am sure you color his world, too!

  8. Love love. The heart dishes are so pretty. I love the colors and pattern. Your table is beautiful and I love the blue added. Enjoy the new week. Hugs. Kris

  9. Rita, I love your delightfully colorful table setting! Your heart bowls are so pretty and I really like the image that displays your plate stack process--I do the same thing. :) Thanks so much for hosting--pinned!

  10. Rita, love your heart shaped bowls. They looks so pretty with the floral PW plates. It is so fun to play with dishes.i think we all do that to get the right look. The pops of blue are lovely with the goblets and vase. The heart tablecloth is wonderful and doesn’t overtake the table. How special to celebrate Mr. P’s birthday, your anniversary and Valentines. The colors are a. Right spot on these dreary winter days. Thank you again for organizing these fun blog hops. Happy Tuesday❤️

  11. I love the dinner and salad plates...so romantic! And, the heart dishes/bowls are a nice accent!

  12. What a bright and colorful table. The heart-shaped bowls are darling. And so are the PW dishes. This is my first time commenting on your blog. I came over from Pam’s darling post. Happy Tuesday!

  13. I love your unconventional use of tablescape pieces Rita! The heart bowls are perfect, and I love that your colorful table reflects your colorful romance! Thanks so much for hosting this hop, and for inspiring us to add more beauty to our life!

  14. Oh...you have us so ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. Your plates and heart shaped bowls are so beautiful and romantic. It was another delightful visit!

  15. Rita, I love your colorful table - it is like a breath of fresh air with a promise of spring especially after all the nasty weather everywhere! The heart bowls are the perfect topping for those wonderful PW plates. I love how the blue goblets and vase pick up the blue in the heart plates and in the scalloped edge of the plates. The napkins are a lovely pop. Thank you for hosting and wishing you and Mr. P. a very happy anniversary and Valentine's Day and a Happy Birthday to Mr. P. too!

  16. Very pretty dishes! I always love your tablescapes.

  17. I love all of the color as I set a table the same way- try different stacks until it hits you just right! Come visit on Instagram @thetablescaper

    1. Alma, I'm not on IG, but would certainly come visit if your blog or FB page were still active. Thank you for your visit and affirmation of how we crazy dish lovers layer and style!

  18. This is so darned pretty, Rita. It's not overdone so you can see and appreciate every single element. I love the color and those plates were a good WalMart find, the heart bowls even better. I love the simplicity of your tablecloth, too. You're right about buying flowers in the winter. I do that, too. It gets me through!

  19. Rita... what a gorgeous table! Your Mr. P is one lucky guy!

  20. Love the blue; it's so unexpected but works so well with all the florals and your tablecloth. Your trinket bowls are so fun and remind me of a Paisley pattern. I love how you throw in the unconventional elements. It's all so happy and spring-y. I'm ready for flowers and pretty blossoms.

  21. Rita! You are the ultimate host of these tablescape hops! I love participating in them as often as I can. Your colorful tablescape is so pretty and unique! Those trinket dishes are to die for! I found one in our Palazzo and it is actually from France. I wish there were more of them because I love the details in it. I really love how you showed your process of creating your stacks. I go through the same thing ...trying out different options to see what would work best. I am totally ready for spring too but it is going to be a ways off for us here in Utah. Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of this hop. Hugs, Karin

  22. What a wonderful splash of color, Rita, to lighten the winter blues. Loved how you combined the patterns to present such a gorgeous color symphony. So nice that you have three great dates to celebrate. the blue glass picks up the color so nicely and pulls the look together. This will be such a happy table to sit down to and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. Thanks for a great start to the table blogging year.

  23. Wishing you much happiness with all your celebrations - I love seeing how you arrived at the plate stack you ultimately chose, and I have to say I think you chose the right one! All the patterns make it wonderfully vibrant!

  24. As soon as I saw your colorful table of hearts, they reminded me of Sundance. I have ordered clothing, shoes and jewelry from Sundance and absolutely love the quality and timeless styles. Wishing Mr. P a very happy birthday (today is Joe's birthday) I'm glad you mentioned those stubborn wrinkles in polyester tablecloths. I have a tablecloth I love but it's so long that it's like ironing a snake. It also has the most wrinkles LOL. Have a great weekend.

  25. Lovely Valentine post!

  26. Rita, the charming heart-shaped bowls are the perfect inspiration for a Valentine's table. I love their flowered design with saturated colors. The vibrant centerpiece repeats their colors, while the design of the plates echoes their pattern in similar scale but softer shades. The blue goblets are bold, perfectly paired with the edges of the plates. The napkins enlarge the flowers, but simplify the pattern and are a lovely explosion of color. And the Herend trinket dish is absolutely lovely! I'm glad you'll be able to enjoy the table for three occasions. Thank you for the shot of color on another gray day! And thank you for organizing a wonderful blog hop! Happy Valentine's Day

  27. I love how you used the trinket dishes: They are perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day tablescape! I love your mixture of patterns, too. Thanks so much for hosting these hops. I enjoy them so much!

  28. I love those heart bowls, and their bright colors match perfectly well with the dinner plates.

  29. Rita, how fun!!! I love that you tried different combinations for your plate stack before hitting on the right one. I LOVE chintz china and the Walmart plates are really cute (blinders! I have NO ROOM for more china, anywhere...) and they'd be sooo cute on my table with some vintage chintz! And the heart shaped dishes... Swoon!!! So happy to share your post at SYS #416 when it goes live tomorrow morning (wasn't sure I'd get done tonight.).

    Warm hugs,
    Barb :)

  30. I would have never guessed that the blue was tricky for you. Your entire table is fun, happy, and beautiful. Love that tablecloth! Happy LUV Day.