Thursday, February 15, 2024

Vintage Finds, Booth Displays, and Home Vignettes Lately

Hello, vintage lovers! Today I'm going to share a mashup of vintage and antique finds since my last Panoply update. Some of these finds will be shown fresh from the picking, others as displayed in our antique mall booth spaces and, lastly, a few which ended up in my personal collection, temporarily or for good. Find a comfy spot like the Art Deco girl below, grab a drink, and let's go on a virtual shopping trip!
Louis Icart's 1926 "La Robe de Chine" (The Silk Robe)
Let me preface this post with some background. This blog started out as a means to share all of Panoply's finds and booth displays, primarily because one of the three of us sisters who comprise our antiquing endeavors lives out of state. A few years into blogging, we created a Facebook page for sharing our booth displays, but only for those items already in our booths. Concurrently, the blog grew into a lifestyle journal, including more than Panoply antiquing (namely, gardening, tablescaping and travel). 

Bottom line, you'll be seeing items that haven't hit the market (our booths) for the most part. They fall into one of three categories: finds for keeps, finds for resale, and finds for fostering until ready for resale (or already sold). Hence, a mashup!

It's a photo-heavy post, and here we go.

From an auction where mother/daughter were closing up shop, I snagged some fab finds, ranging from turn of the century to mid-1950s.
The Louis Icart framed art print is already in our booth, in a space redo just completed this week. 
The leopard swing coat, Beau Brummel tipsy martini glasses, and magnetic guitar bottle opener were gifts to my oldest daughter and son-in-law (throwback kids whose spirits were truly born in another era).
The Majolica tea set with birds....well, what can I say? It's currently being fostered in my home (along with every other vintage item within the bookcase - also a vintage find - excluding the Vicki Sawyer bird plates and books).
More vintage pickups from the same auction: vintage framed team photo, WWI African American convex framed soldier photograph, antique oil wick teapot mining lamp, coal scrip, belt buckles, and WWII army wool trench coat.
West Virginia has a rich coal mining industry history. Take a closer look at the oil wick mining lamp (below). These would be lit and placed on a clip on the coal miner's hat for illumination while he worked underground. Methane gas in the mines made for obviously extremely hazardous conditions, and these lamps were later replaced with battery-operated lamps.
Also in this group of wins is coal scrip. Scrip was "money" paid to miners whose families lived in coal camps. Scrip was an advance of wages for labor in the mines, and could only be used in exchange for goods from the company store, which was situated within the coal camp.
If you want to see more of what those coal camps looked like, I wrote about it in a trip to an exhibition coal mine in this post

Panoply's methods for shopping vintage finds are primarily in estate sales, whether private or public, or by online auction. My personal approach is to buy what I like, and also to anticipate what I think is something I think others will like. Here are a few more recent finds.

From one estate, the following Valentine and Easter items.
From the collage above, the Herend heart (second from L, top row), and Fitz and Floyd center bunny pitcher are the only items I'm keeping....for now.

This next grouping was a pig in a poke from the same sale, one lot for one price, but Holy Halloween!
Christmas items were part of that same estate. I'll be keeping the Arita tartan set, as I have several plates matching this pattern. Other items include Whitley Bay & Tom Clark figurines, and Fitz & Floyd decor.
The following were from different, but still local, estates. 
The Kensington rabbit pitcher (center top in collage above) is already in our booth space, as shown in a photo shared earlier in this post. The nesting, lop-eared bunnies sold the day after I placed them in the booth. For now, I'm fostering the Fitz & Floyd candle holders and fox set, the concrete rabbit, and the majolica pedestal plate.

Another grouping from another estate:
It's both a blessing and curse when you're a dealer of vintage and antique items, simply for the decision processes of a) what to purchase and b) how to divide among keep, foster and resale.

Here are some keepers of late:
These include (clockwise): Frontgate's drink cooler on lazy Susan, a pair of heavy Frontgate lanterns, a vintage mid-century Americana ice bucket made by the Noble & Cooley Co in Granville MA (makers of drums since the 1880s), souvenir Napoleon bottle opener, chinoiserie candle holders for either sticks or votives, and a heavy chinoiserie plant stand perched on a lime green garden stool.

Here are some finds of late, all of which are currently being fostered, except for the top center Easter plate and sleeping bunny, and bottom right copper stock pot. The bunny and copper pot just sold recently.
And then there are items which I won't hesitate to sell (below).
While I really like the blue & white canisters, I don't keep canisters on my counter. The tole tray, concrete frogs, vintage linens, terra cotta birds, tiny Toby creamers, hand-painted wooden egg, and juice set were easy decisions for selling. 

Earlier, I showed you a bookcase in my home with vintage finds. Here are a couple more examples of how I use things I buy in my home. I have the art print of Monet's Garden hanging in my kitchen, over the window / sink, along with two other prints of old world bunnies I bought a few years ago.
The green garden stool is in my office, as a side table to my chaise lounge. 
That fabulous Americana drum ice bucket is actually in a spare bedroom as a decor item, and the Frontgate lanterns were used from fall through Christmas on my front porch.

I know this was a lot of ground I've covered in this post, but it was long overdue. If you enjoyed this, you can see more Panoply Antiquing as one of my subjects at the top of my header (if on a handheld, scroll to bottom and click on web version and you'll see the header topics). Gardening, Tablescapes, and Travel are my other main subjects. Plus, we actually have an appointment for a private pick, coming up next week, so I already have more items to share in a future post.

See anything that strikes your fancy in this virtual shopping trip? Tell me, what do you gravitate toward when vintage shopping? What's your jam? Where do you like to go for vintage finds - thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, and / or antique malls?

Thank you for your visit today, and I hope you'll leave a comment and return again! If your comment shows as anonymous, please let me know who you are so I can reply to you!


  1. What a great post. I love seeing what you can find at estate sales and you chose some wonderful items. It's nice to be able to "foster" some items in your home until you feel like selling. Makes for a decor that stays interesting. Loved the Fox set. It would look great with some of my china. LOL. Your booth is looking great. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful items.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts, Rita! I am wildly in love with every single bunny photo (including the two pictures you have with the Monet over the sink!). So many of them are really unique. I can see why you are fostering the fox set and the floral teapot set. They're terrific! Those lanterns are a great find, too. And the tipsy glasses are cute. I'm so glad your daughter likes this stuff. I wish our gang was a bit more into vintage. I'm going to be parting with many things over the next year or two and wish you were closer! I did learn that Replacements will buy china patterns if they are in good shape and I have some vintage Hall that it's time to say farewell to -- and eventually others. But it is hard to let go! I love your fostering idea!

  3. Rita I always enjoy your vintage estate sale finds. I would not be a good "booth" organizer because I would take everything home to "keep...I mean to foster". LOL !!!! I wish I were closer as there are several pieces I would like to examine further. I am into selective yard art at the moment...and the frogs caught my eye. I don't like a lot of yard art but a few pieces tastefully arranged in and among my plants is a goal. thanks for sharing and have a great week my friend...

    BTW, my Jayhawks are in a bit of a slump; I was hoping your Mountaineers would get a boost by beating KU but it seems the Big 12 is not only the best conference in the NCAA, it makes it really difficult to win a game on any given day. Road games are killers.

  4. Well first let me say I want to live in your house. ;) The treasures are amazing and I love your office! Right now mine is a small desk (not even a real desk) shoved into a corner in our bedroom (insert rolling eyes). Now that Addi has gotten married and moved out, it's on my list to return to the room I gave up when she moved home from college.
    Did you keep the guitar bottle opener? It's hilarious and so fun. Each photo had something I NEED which is why I have to limit my estate sales and shopping. We're busting at the seams.

  5. First of all I want to say how much I adore your office room. What a great spot to write and relax. Love the shape of the dormers and placement of furniture. It's beautiful. I'm afraid I'd be fostering most of my inventory. But that's okay because you can enjoy it and then when needed, rotate into the booth. I always love seeing the fun and eclectic pieces you find. Your older daughter and husband sound like a hoot who love a good time. Like mother/like daughter!

  6. Rita, that is a lot of stuff (lol)! Of course, I especially love these items that you are fostering, the majolica bird tea set, the Herend heart, and the majolica pedestal plate. I would love to shop your booths knowing that I would spend too much money. It is a beautiful day and nice enough to enjoy working in the garden.

  7. Rita, you know these posts delight me. I always find it exciting to see what your new finds are. You girls have been busy! What happens if two or even all three of you want the same item? How do you work it out?
    I have 8 chargers and 8 cups and saucers in the Arita Tartan. I've used them for years. It's a nice tartan. The ceramic rabbit mold is also familiar. In our first home, we had these ceramic molds hanging across the top of one wall in our kitchen. I saved some that were special gifts, but they are stored. No place to use them in this home.
    Your comfy office space is so inviting. It has the perfect vibes for concentrating on work projects or sitting and relaxing reading. The garden stool makes a great side table!
    Thanks for sharing all your recent finds.

  8. Rita, your vintage booth is exactly the kind of display that I love to poke around--too bad we don't live near each other. I love the leopard swing coat and it's perfect on your daughter! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  9. I always love seeing what treasures you e found, Rita. That leopard swing coat is adorable on your daughter. It must be fun to foster items and then sell them when you’re finished with them. It was interesting to read about the coal mining paraphernalia. My late father-in-law was a coal miner in Pennsylvania, got black lung and had to move to Ohio. Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Ohhhh love the swing coat. So cute. Love those martini glasses too. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  11. This is my favorite posts of yours. I love seeing photos of your vintage finds and your booth at the shop. I love pitchers, especially the bunny ones and I love the foxes! Wish we lived closer!

  12. Wow Rita, that is a lot of vintage wares. The swing coat is so fun! Whimsical martini glasses are too cute. How delightful to foster and then sell those items. Busy girls for sure. The garden stool looks fabulous.

  13. All I can say is that it is a good thing that I don't live close enough to visit your booth, or my basement would be full!! Such great finds!

  14. Wow Rita, you girls have been busy! It's a treat to see what you've found, and how fun to foster and enjoy for a while before selling, that's the best of both worlds! This will probably horrify you, but I've never been thrifting! I know people find wonderful treasures and reasonable prices, I just never have done it. Now I am in the purge stage of life, I don't need another thing, I already have 2 houses overflowing with "stuff" 😂 I did enjoy virtual shopping with you today, you found some great things!

  15. So fun to see your antiquing/auction picks Rita! The leopard swing coat looks great on your daughter and I have Majolica tea set envy as well as Fitz and Floyd fox envy. 😉 The Fitz and Floyd Christmas Holly Ribbon pitcher is a match for a favorite platter that I still use every Christmas (carefully!) circa 1988-90. How tall is it out of curiosity? Your post has me wanting to visit my favorite antique mall and poke around. I wish we had a good home consignment store nearby. I used to visit one in Charlotte that I found a lot of great stuff at over the years. I’m a sucker for vintage garden tools, watering cans, old postcards, tole trays and vintage flatware and transferware. I've been doing some garden clean up and spreading mulch around the Potting Shed the past few days...oh my aching back! Enjoy your week ♥

  16. Oh my goodness Rita - so many treasures! It must be so fun to collect all these items and how fabulous it must be to be able to foster. It's such a great solution. I don't see a lot of estate sales here where I live and I'm not much of a thrifter, but truth be told, I'm always somewhat in awe of what others find. I would be a sucker for vintage linens and I have a fondness for majolica too and anything bunny (love your old world bunnies). So it's probably a good thing that estate sales and thrifting is not such an option for me - I get into enough trouble as it is. Your office is beautiful and the booth looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds and have a lovely week.

  17. Wow - busy girl! Fabulous treasures - I am off to a second hand shop now and hope to find a special piece!! I Love the hunt