Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Booth Styling

My sister and I just completed two days worth of styling and re-styling our booth spaces.  Never ceasing to amaze ourselves with how much stuff we can work into our spaces, we brought in several major pieces, and only ended up taking two small items out.  Here's a look of how things turned out:

The space pictured above feels so Spring-like!  We were really happy with the overall lightness of color, blending galvanized greys, blue-greens and whites, with a punch of yellow on the lemonade set, dish towel & mat under the watering can.

The photo above shows a closer view of the top portion of the space.

And this photo (above) shows a better view of the lower portion of the space.  I love the stenciled birds on the dinette table, and all the surrounding items that are reminders of gardening.

The photo above shows another display we created, a more industrial/farmhouse look.  We added the bistro table to the two vintage stools already in place.  The base of this display is an authentic and hefty early 20th century factory cart.  We were seriously afraid we were going to damage the rear bumper of my Rav4 trying to lift it into the cargo area, let alone our backs.  It could have very easily been a muscle relaxer kind of night, but we both managed to just tire enough to sleep well on Monday night, and return Tuesday for finishing touches.  I really wanted this cart as my own, but decided in the end to sell.  And just behind the cart/bistro set is another crock bench with chicken coop, straight back chair, advertising crate and old, wooden paint can inside.  Our French bulldog is keeping watch.

Some of the less taxing styling we did involved some small changes with big impact on the wall pictured above.  We're in love with the industrial look of this area with the addition of the galvanized stenciled lid fashioned as a medallion, along with the oil funnel-turned-light above it.  This area attracts both men and women, with all the gadgets.  We always seem to work around the heating & cooling thermostats, ductwork and fuse box - just more gadgets.
And finally, pictured above is the joining section of the previous displays described in this post. The photo was actually taken on Monday, before the finishing touches to the space left in the frame (if you're comparing to the first photos of that space in this post). On the wall in the background of this photo is a great farmhouse vignette, with a primitive cabinet set on top of a gate-leg table we disguised as a counter, complete with sink skirts, bowl & pitcher.  In the center are two wonderful pieces - a Clark's spool cabinet (very large), and a child's trunk with original leather straps and super interior wall paper.  To the left is our latest linen display, as seen fully in this post:   (http://wvpanoply.blogspot.com/2013/02/linens-unleashed.html).
I am in love with this sign, created with old barn wood.

We're hoping we'll see the fruits of our labor via our sales reports in the coming weeks.  One thing's certain - the more we change it up, the more we sell.  Kind of like the more we shop, the more we spend.  No correlation whatsoever, just truths in antiquing.  

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  1. Oh....I could shop in there all day long...can't decide which item I love the best...the cart is great of course, and the watering cans are always a favorite...you have a great collection of desk lamps...and of course I would like the harvest ladder for my linens....my pocketbook would be pretty dented after I visited your booth :-) Thank you for visiting my blog - gave me a chance to "shop" your booth and see what a lovely place you have.

    Big hugs