Friday, April 5, 2013

Gardening Grows the Spirit 2012

I just received my second photo book from Shutterfly in the mail, this one journaling my garden through the seasons throughout 2012.  It's titled, "Gardening Grows the Spirit 2012".

I view my garden as another collection, and this garden landscape is now in its tenth year, typically a time when a garden is viewed as beginning to mature.  In 2004, my husband and I renovated our entire landscape, incorporating an adjacent city lot as part of our yard/garden, extending both the brick wall surrounding, and all the plantings within.  Although some specimens have not withstood the test of time, I've been really happy with the overall results.  It keeps me busy from March through December, and I love the anticipation that Spring brings each year.
My 'Garden' Pinterest board has garnered a lot of new followers and repins in the last week, so I thought I'd share this second virtual book with readers.  This year, especially, the thought of getting outside and seeing Spring finally unfold seems universal, and I suppose that's the reason for the increased traffic on Pinterest.  You can easily click on the link at the top to view the virtual version of the book in full screen for the best effect.  
Enjoy the tour!
Click here to view this photo book larger
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  1. Oh Rita this is beautiful. Wow you big girl getting all fancy on your blog!!!! I just signed up to follow by email too so I don't miss your posts.