Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Derby Bound, Retro Style

We styled a little vignette today we called "Derby Bound - Retro Style".  This year's 139th Kentucky Derby will be held May 3-4, 2013.  Seeing as we live in West Virginia, we're next door neighbors to Kentucky, so we thought we'd salute the upcoming affair in retro style.  Here are a few photos from the finish.

Our inspiration started with this vintage polka dot dress, vintage hat and retro-style oxfords, evoking a 1940's kind of gal.  Of course, every Southern Belle's got to have her gloves.  Unfortunately, she couldn't hold her julep cup, so we kept it locked in one of the curio cases.  :) 

From the barn, we pulled some old horseshoes and piled them into a great zinc carrier with wooden handle.  There are a couple of great iron hooks here, one hanging & the other on top of the crate, along with an iron stirrup.  The horses are spelter (zinc, copper & lead alloys - a cheaper alternative to the more expensive bronze) and wood (crafted from old barn wood).  In the background you can see the "Barn Sweet Barn" sign, a stenciled sentiment of many horse lovers.

Here's a better view of the sign, along with another cast horse, vintage wooden stirrup and 1950's "Album of Horses" book. 
And finally, here's a salute to the cowboys who get those winners ready, starting from an early age.  I am in love with these sweet, all leather cowboy boots.  And this cowboy has his own exclusive edition Fiestaware cowboy tumbler (it's newer, 2006, but looked too great to leave it out).  We have some 1940's & 1950's vintage equestrian ribbons and trophy, as well as another wooden stirrup.  The stirrups are great when repurposed as towel holders or even napkin holders for an outdoor event.
It's only a couple more weeks till Derby, but Southern Hospitality demands we be ready rather than, heaven forbid, be late!  Y'all have fun now!

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