Sunday, March 9, 2014

The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

I follow our local Habitat ReStore's Facebook page and, on Ash Wednesday (March 5th), they posted something that definitely caught my attention.  It read:
"Here's a great idea: Decluttering for lent! Drop off your used, surplus or unwanted building materials, furniture and home goods at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and help your community while helping yourself!"
And it was linked back to this blog post at White House Black Shutters, by Ann Marie Heasley:

In this blog post, Ann Marie shares where she originally found the concept, tips for getting started and keeping momentum, and even has a template for black bag 'stars' for keeping count of progress. I'm so in!  But, right from the get-go I was already four bags behind, so I dug in over the weekend (thank goodness Sunday is called a free day).  I'll donate some furniture to make up some of the difference and get a head start on the week to come.
All kidding and literal translations aside, the point here is to decrapify (Ann Marie's word, hehe) your world. My ReStore happens to have a creative marketing manager who shared the link, suggesting their site as a drop-off for items purged. I could also help out friends and/or family who may want my crap stuff - the point is, pick a spot, 40 spots (figuratively), and get to work!  Furniture, household items, clothes, shoes, even email - they're all fair game - decrapify!

I usually set aside my crap stuff for an upcoming community yard sale, but I have another commitment on this Spring's sale date, and I don't want to harbour all of this stuff while waiting for the Fall sale date.  I'm striking while the iron is hot!  Spring cleaning is on!

Accountability is a big part of this mission, and I hereby proclaim myself accountable! I'll let you know how it goes.  Care to join me?

This personal mission also complements my Getting Organized series posts very well, which I started in January.  If you missed those posts, here they are again:
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