Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's a Jungle Out There (in the Sunroom)!

To coin two phrases in one, "it's a jungle out there" and "the natives are restless", would be an accurate description of my latest decor venture in the sunroom.
You may remember I switched up my decor and have been living quite comfortably with my Indian Summer in the Sunroom for about the last three months.  While I'm not one to constantly move furniture and overhaul decor, I do enjoy switching up a few things with the seasons in my all-season sunroom.
Prior to the Indian summer decor, the only rugs I used were doormats (winter only) at the French doors.  I'm finding area rugs to be a new, fun thing to play with in the decor without committing to a lot of time or expense.

Before October was over, I was ready to get the sunroom moving toward holiday mode decor. I wanted something that would transition easily to Thanksgiving and then right into Christmas. With that said, I planned ahead for my late fall, early winter look I wanted to achieve. It started with items taken from the collage photo below as my inspiration:
Starting on top and going clockwise, my inspiration included:
  • My slipcovered chaise lounge, of course, still takes top seating in the sunroom, and is befitting of the "eat and park" phrase, as our room also has a glass table and four chairs for casual dining, after which you can just recline and nap. The leopard throw was a gift from my daughter several Christmases ago.
  • The Parsons chair was purchased at an estate sale this past May, and has a removable slipcover.
  • The sheepskin rug (1 of 2) was part of my reward for winning 2nd place in the Frontgate® Inspire Holiday Challenge last year.
  • The vintage footstool was bought last year from my friend Joy of Savvy City Farmer. It is uniquely upholstered in vicuna fur from an old coat she owned.
  • The rug is from Ballard Designs. I have adored this rug for several years, and finally cut bait and fished, so to speak, and bought it.  The floral pillow is 1 of 2 purchased this past summer at a local chain called Gabe's for $1.99 each.  They have super-slashed pricing of overstock items, but you have to carefully inspect everything you buy - a pillow could have just three seams, as an example, but these were intact.
I also switched out the floor lamp beside the chaise lounge. Both this one and the one before (seen in first photo) were purchased from estate sales, but the bronzed finish looks much better with this decor. Along with the rug from Ballard's, I purchased two Parsons chair slipcovers in Safari Brown (I have another Parsons chair in the MBR). These chairs move easily throughout the house and accommodate guests very well without taking up a lot of space. I traditionally have a full house of around 30 when hosting my family at Christmas.
I placed the sheepskin rug under the chair, and the vicuna stool beside it. The black wicker stool you see in the background with the Gabe's pillow is a vintage piece, and stores pillows inside.  It also serves as an extra seat when needed. The armillary was another part of my Frontgate® gift redemption last year.

This room, although it started out with strictly patio furniture when it was Mr. P.'s bachelor pad, now has morphed into a multi-purpose room with my added furnishings. All you're seeing is about half of the space it actually is. It serves as the "eat and park", where family gathers for conversation and eating, adjacent to the kitchen, and also serves as my pleasure room for reading and listening to music. Climate-controlled, it's a four-season room.

As for the natives are restless? Mr. P. totally dislikes my latest changes. Totally. I love the changes, but consider them temporary, and would plan to quiet things down after the holidays. The natives are restless. Will the decor changes be aborted, or will the decor changes stay?  What's your guess? Btw, photos appear darker than actual because of outdoor cloudy conditions and no use of flash.
Whose camp would you choose? Can you envision Christmas in the forest / jungle like I can? Just a few changes in pillows, throws, twinkling lights and pops of red is all it will take, don't you think? Or do you see it like Mr. P., quieter, calmer, albeit colder (no rug at all)?  Either way, one native or another will remain restless this winter. To be continued.....


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