Thursday, December 10, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Hot Drink Stand?

Do you want to build a hot drink stand? Come on, let's go and play!
Oh my goodness, decorating and dreaming of ideas can be so much fun, especially when there's been so much inspiration to pull from on the internet and in hard copy magazines! I've put together this hot drink stand in my sunroom this holiday season, pulling from ideas I've seen and loved, and then adding my own little spin.
The building blocks of any hot beverage stand begin, of course with hot chocolate ingredients.
First the cocoa is prepared (combined with this recipe), and then placed in a mason jar. With a simple quilting square edged by pinking shears, a jute string, and a homemade gift tag tied around the lid, you have a hostess gift!
Add a cute mug (below, Williams Sonoma, a few years ago) and fabric coaster, and you've got yourself a gift set! Keeping a festive water pitcher nearby will assure no one running short of water for heating. These cuties are being added to my hot drink bar, and there's more! 
Using another mason jar, simply epoxy glue a favorite ornament atop the lid (deer head, Lowe's), and you have a marshmallow (and/or chocolate chip) canister. A bit of baker's string tied around the lid makes it festive and gift worthy.
Don't forget the peppermint sticks. A vintage Santa mug holds these yummy sticks (WalMart), which are great for stirring, and easily melting in your drink. What's Santa winking about?
The little message on the spoon he's holding!
For those who opt for coffee, there's a plan for that on this hot drink stand, too!
I fell hard for my blogging friend's (Sharon, The Blue Willow House) original idea of a repurposed office stamp holder. I kept the idea in mind, since I already had the vintage item it was built from. I just put a little different spin on its presentation, and am using it as a coffee stand.
I had the tiny ornaments, unused, from years ago, and the green 'grass' was saved from previous gift packaging. I purchased the handmade, fabric-covered rope basket at a craft festival this year. I simply placed the 'tree' into the basket, filled it with 'grass', decorated it with the bulbs and tiny ornaments, and placed the peppermint bark coffee pods (limited edition) in the base. I tied a simple bow of plaid ribbon for the topper.

Oh my, it looks as though it's beginning to snow! We better grab a thermos to take with us!
Come on, let's go and play!
Feel free to pin any of these images for building your own hot drink stand.
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