Sunday, December 27, 2015

Panoply 2015: It's a Wrap!

I started this collage photo summary format last year as a way to capture my year in one fell swoop. It's been another great year, a true panoply, and putting these collages together by subject matters that matter to me are my way of remembering the best of 2015. 

There are no lengthy descriptions, but there are links back under each photo collage header (in the captions). If you're so inclined to read, you can click on the captions, each comma separating different posts on that header. The one marked in bold under each header was my most viewed of that subject. You can also type the subject into the search block just above my photo on the right sidebar (e.g., garden, tablescape, etc), and related posts will come up, and you can feel free to dig in. Enjoy!  
My Garden Journal - the Four Seasons
 Winter Sightings, Lemon Plant PropagationGarden Essentials, Spring Working Hard, Garden Color Burst, Mid-Summer Garden SnippetsLavender Stages, Fall Garden
Collections Shared
Bust & Statue CollectionCherubsFlapper Girl AccessoriesMiniature BooksJadeite Kitchen & Jadeite TablewareChatelainesPurse EphemeraReligious RelicsIronstone & QuimperSterling & SilverplateBeaded & Mesh Purses
Home Decor - the Love of Home and Seasonal Changes with Collections
Spring Flings, Mid-Summer Home, Fall Home Tour, Christmas Vintage
Panoply Picks - the Love of the Hunt: Estate Sales, Auctions, Antique Stores
Spring Pickin', Shopping Naples, Estate Sale Spree, Summer Shopping Loot, Longest Yard Sale, August Acquisitions, Sept Acquisitions, Junky Chic Acquisitions, Dealer Friend Picks, November Acquisitions
Panoply Displays - the Love of Styling our Antique Mall Booth Spaces
Winter BoothsOpen for Business, Panoply Expands, Early May Switch-Ups, May Overhauls, Summer Transitions, School Daze/Booth Maze,  Early Autumn Redo, Holiday Booths
Travel Adventures
Barn-style family weddingDC cherry blossoms, Leesburg & LuckettsNaples FL, Wild & Wonderful West Virginia, including New River Gorge trails and bridgewalkCass Scenic Railroad, and Stonewall Jackson Resort
Creating Tablescapes with my Dish and Tabletop Accessory Collections
Jadeite Tableware, Azaleas in Bloom, Garden Sunflowers, Pumpkin Cream Mist, Winter Wonderland, Building a Hot Drink Stand, Christmas Checks & Plaids, Wintergreen
Adventures in Tales of the Traveling Totes - with Fellow Bloggers
Maiden Voyage, To the Park, Autumn Joy, Holiday Rush
Once again, I've enjoyed meeting so many new friends throughout the year, and look forward to more still in 2016. I've also savored growing the friendships of a few of those whom I met in years before. Thank you to all my loyal readers, and for those who may be new, I hope you'll continue to visit. I love your comments and hope that you'll find my style approachable and welcoming.
Rita C. at Panoply

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