Friday, July 28, 2017

Changes in Latitudes, Attitudes

We took a little trip to Naples, FL in mid-July for a change in latitude, change in attitude.
Coal barges on the Kanawha in WV; Beach chairs on the Gulf in FL
It's the third year in a row we've been to Naples. As I've said before, it's the closest place we've found to where we consider our ultimate paradise in Grand Cayman, BWI. However, it is stateside, and there's really everything (and more) to do in Naples other than scuba diving, which we still enjoy.

Some of what we love about Naples includes the place we repeatedly stay, the Edgewater Beach Hotel.
Edgewater Beach Hotel, Naples FL
 Our daily walks on the beautiful shores early in the morning can't be beat.
Daily walks on the Gulf shore at Naples
Then, we would go shopping to beat the heat.

Beautiful displays of stores we don't have at home....
Gattles in Old Naples stocks Matouk linens and Juliska china
Some with items of whimsy that may have come home. ;)
Retail in Naples includes Zazou stocking MacKenzie-Childs; Pottery Barn; and the Best of Everything which stocks good hostess gifts, souvenirs and apparel, accessories.
Around and about town, I saw various signs that caught my eye.
Signage in FL - some serious, some whimsical. Life preservers are free for use on the Naples public shore.
And from the water, we toured houses that we can't afford to buy.
Boat tour with Capt Max around Port Royal included seeing: the Honorable Judge Judy's and musicians' Rick Springfield and Jon Bon Jovi homes
Naples' Collier county landscapes abound with species tropical that easily compete with Palm Beach's, Broward's or Dade's.
Notable landscaping in Naples
But did you know in Naples they also grow mermaids??
Mermaid in Naples!
Yes, it's a rare species, that mermaid, not like the many other birds and sea creatures we saw daily!
Birds of a feather, crab, and feathery moss on Naples' Gulf shore
Just as the birds on which we would come upon would fly, we too had to say our goodbyes.

From over sea and back over land, it's ta-ta for now, until we see Naples again.
View from plane: above the clouds and over the sea; over the land (that's our plane's shadow)
If you'd like to read more about our first impression and experience in Naples, you can read this post.

We three Panoply sisters are getting together this weekend, and have a fun-filled agenda. We'll be checking out a new-to-us town for some vintage shopping, maybe an estate sale, and are planning to go to a revived, 200 year old local salt farm for a farm-to-table dining experience. We had rain all day yesterday, and it's supposed to continue through today, making way for some perfect weekend weather with cooler temps. You know what that means....thinking of what's soon to come....
Thanks for your visit! Feel free to leave your comments.
Rita C. at Panoply

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