Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Traveling Tote Garden Party

In my most recent tablescaping post, I mentioned what better way to enjoy the labors of spring garden chores than with an alfresco meal in the shade of the garden. The Traveling Tote tribe members (see origin here) thought it would be fun to share a summer dining experience with use of our totes, and so today I'm sharing how mine is useful for a simple little garden party.
The garden chores of planting, transplanting, staking and nurturing growth span from early March through mid-June in my Zone 7a region. After that, nothing suits me better than to sit in one of the chaise lounges in the landscape and enjoy a leisurely afternoon, especially when shared with another.

Raising the umbrella and pulling out the cushions for the chaise lounges makes for a comfy area in the garden, even when the sun is high in the sky.
Packing my tote - Miss Luna C - with a stack of magazines, a couple plates, napkins, and utensils, along with a few nibbles and serving slate promises a lazy afternoon of relaxed conversation, reading and noshing.
Checking out all the activity among the flower beds, or dozing off throughout the afternoon is my idea of practicing the art of doing nothing. You may have seen these napkins used in my Summer Place Setting tablescape. The bee theme is carried over to the water goblets (Sur la Table), and in the garden itself, among my many plants.
Easy snacks - cheese and crackers, fruit, and lemon water are simple, fresh and filling.
When the sun heads west, and the body and mind are nourished, I simply pack Miss Luna C with all my supplies and head back indoors.
It is truly a time of great satisfaction for me to sit in my garden, especially when sharing time with Mr. P. or other family member or a friend. Even in the middle of summer, just when I thought we were entering dogs days of repeatedly hot and humid days, we've gotten a few days of  respite with breezes and slightly cooler temps. It's just enough to carry us until fall. Simple pleasures!

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Just a reminder...don't forget to come back on September 1, when our tribe shares how we spent our summer months!

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