Friday, August 18, 2017

Antique Mall Anniversary, Booth Sales, Moves

The Panoply sisters have moved several items from our antique mall booth inventory since my last update (you can read more about that update by clicking here). I'll try to catch you up with a quick look-see of some items going and coming recently in our booth spaces. Panoply's been in the South Charleston Antique Mall for 9 of its (the mall's) 11 years in business!

At the very end of June, sister M sold a mirrored dresser, and guess what? She had another one waiting in the wings, lol! It looked very much like the previous one, only more petite, so that was a smooth transition without much booth disruption.
Panoply 2017 main booth mirrored dressers: (L) late June; (R) early July
Shortly after, M scored this terrific Hermann Rudisuhli Munchen (1864-1944) print, below. You can read about this artist's tragic life here.
1920s Hermann Rudisuhli Munchen framed scenic print
A still vivid, scenic lithograph in its original 1920s frame and wavy glass, we made room for it in our main booth space.
Panoply main booth July 2017
A pair of Maitland-Smith lamps of mine sold from this same booth space (captured below from styling earlier in the year).
Sister J brought in one of her lamp picks (L), and I brought in one I had sourced in Atlanta last year (R).
At the end of July, we bundled several of our vintage linens in order to clear the way for more new (old) linens. We placed the bundles on a vintage bench, central in this booth space.
Sister J also brought in a vintage chest of drawers.
Panoply main booth late July 2017: vintage chest of drawers added
Our Mantiques booth space got a few things added from June to late July. When floor space is needed for other things, we simply figure a way to climb the walls. In this case, we dismantled the upper shelf (top frame of photo below), added a rocker, and replaced the oval sign for the Mail Pouch painting. :) The flag sold, as did several of the man cave brass sports trinkets in that corner cabinet. Sister J sold the handsome, ovoid crock on top of the corner cabinet.
Top: Panoply mantiques, late June 2017 ; Bottom: Panoply mantiques, late July 2017 
Our corner booth space as viewed from the mall's stairwell was last seen as below in late June.
Panoply Booth from Stairwell, late June 2017
The base table to the white hutch cabinet sold (#!&*), so we had to scramble for a base. Needless to say, a lot of unremarkable shifting took place that day, but the main thing was the hutch and new base took the place of the ladders. The ladders went against the wall, the wicker cart moved forward.
Panoply Booth from Stairwell, mid-July 2017
The little garden shelving unit was moved against the shutter and shelving unit, and we brought in another summer-to-early-fall transitional styling with the green swing.
Panoply corner booth, mid-July 2017
In typical domino fashion, the swing displaced the convertible ironing board/chair, so it was moved to the area just beyond the shutter and shelving unit, where we have the vintage laundry sign and casual linens.
Panoply laundry styling, mid-July 2017
Directly in front of the laundry setup, we have an old marble-top washstand. If you recall, I had my jadeite styled there with a 1960s tulip drinkware set since spring. The drinkware set sold, so we made a transitional late summer, early fall styling, utilizing the jadeite which remained unsold.
Panoply vintage jadeite styling - spring to late summer 2017
We moved the linens from the bench that sold from our main booth...and placed them on the wicker cart in the booth near the stairwell.
Panoply corner booth near stairwell, late July 2017
Each August marks the anniversary of our antique mall in business. For the last several years our management, along with several of us dealers, work to organize and promote a storewide sale, with dealers encouraged to extend discounts to our customers. Dealers' discounts ranged from 10-50% off regular prices in their booth items, and we offer free refreshments for customers while they shop.
Overall traffic for this sale has picked up in the last couple of years, perhaps with the public's growing awareness through Facebook posts, newspaper ads, and word of mouth. We've been busy!

As mentioned earlier, the slipcovered bench sold from our main booth during this sale, as did the small sideboard table at the center back wall (seen in the third photo in this post). Sister M brought in the diminutive credenza pictured below during the sale weekend.
The corner booth near the stairwell pretty much looks empty after the anniversary sale! During the sale, the brown pieced quilt that was on the swing (pictured earlier) at the front of this booth sold. Also, the green shutter set, two ladders and one stepladder against the wall all sold.
Panoply corner booth near stairwell, mid-August 2017
Also sold just prior to this anniversary sale was the piano stool previously stacked on the chair against the wall in the photo below. 
We juggled things around in this booth to fill the space, but are contemplating a full-fledged fall display in the near future. We'll remove most of the garden and summery things.
Panoply booth from stairwell, mid-August 2017
After the anniversary sale weekend, we're thinking perhaps if we offer free food a little more often than once or twice a year (we do it for our Christmas open house also), we may just get results like these more often. What do you think? :)
I'm curious, do you have favorite stores you wait to shop, knowing there are particular event sales? Remember, your readership and comments are always appreciated!

Rita C. at Panoply

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