Friday, August 25, 2017

Brunch Baby Shower - Family Style!

I come from a big family - I'm the youngest of nine - and we try our best to support each other in family life events. There are a total of twenty kids among my siblings, twenty-seven grands, with one more on the way. We recently got together for a family (and close friends) baby shower for a nephew and his wife and that one more on the way.
The nephew's sister was host to the shower, and put it all together almost single-handedly, scouring Pinterest for her ideas. She rented a fabulous shelter at our local park, complete with a full kitchen and restrooms, and a playground for the littles adjacent to it. All the decor was homemade.
There was a mom-osa bar {smile}, along with mocktails, go-gurts for the littles, and a cute fruit tray carved like a baby buggy. There were even PB&J sandwiches for picky little eaters (and big ones, like Mr. P.). A banner of onesies with baby's name spelled out was hung on a line at the shelter's edge.
No games were played, but guests were asked to offer parental advice to the couple (our niece has two boys from a previous marriage, and they've lived with their bonus dad - our nephew - for three years, but he has yet to experience a newborn). Guests were also invited to help create an ABC book for baby by drawing and coloring pictures for each letter. Even grands were helping draw pictures!
Our guests of honor live in Texas (hopefully out of harm's way of Hurricane Harvey this weekend), and came to West Virginia for this and a visit with my sister and her husband. Their boys love WV and all the fun of exploring in our woods and hills. Somehow they didn't seem to get too excited over girly things.
A really sweet idea for the guest takeaway was a little votive candle tied up in a voile bag with the label directions shown above. Isn't that a great idea?!
My daughter (L) helped my niece (R) set up the morning of the shower brunch, along with my sister (that's my soon-to-be-Grandma sister and her son in background).
It's always a treat when my siblings can get together, and this occasion had a quorum - six of nine of us present! My sister standing in the back is the soon-to-be Grandma. Once her grand is born, I will be the only one without grandchildren but hey, I'm fine with that. It's logical, since I'm the youngest.
Outtakes with siblings - it's like herding cats, trying to get a decent picture. My other brother's wife even got in on the rabbit ear antics.
A montage of family and close friends who came to the baby shower is pictured above. Like I said here, family is one of the top things that makes me happy. This baby shower was a happy event.

What makes you happy?

Rita C. at Panoply

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